Live Streaming Cinema

At the end of 2012, The Economist teamed up again with Innocentive and together launched their annual challenge for disruptive innovations.

Disruptive Innovation Definition

Disruptive innovations are at least 10X better than existing solutions:

  • by providing a similar quality of product/service/solution at 10% of the cost compared to competition


  • at the same cost as the competition, providing 10Xmore product/service/solution

My disruptive innovation proposal submitted was Live Streaming Cinemas – a vision that I see it very naturally coming in the next years and a solution that is very much needed in the distribution channels of art, music and film from both producers and artists perspective.

I draw its sketches on a piece of paper and then I asked a very talented artist friend of mine, Adriana Marasescu, to give that drawings life and color so my vision to well express in one picture the whole point and idea.

The above seekers evaluators did not award my vision, but I believe very much in its beauty and I can bet that very soon it will become part fo our lives. I hope to have the opportunity to be part of that dream coming true.

Here it is, Live Streaming Cinema – Executive Summary and a few pictures about what is it all about. I hope you will enjoy it.


connecting worldwide cinemas

I.  VISION: To turn one cinema into a global cinema. To live stream film premiers directly from the launching cinemas or film festivals into worldwide cinemas.



II. BUSINESS CONCEPT: consists of developing, marketing and delivering to cinema owners the necessary tech and business package in order for them to turn themselves from classic cinemas into live streaming cinemas.

III. PROBLEM: Entertainment industry from two main perspectives:distribution chain and piracy; distribution chain that did not fully adapt to markets potential, changes and challenges; and piracy – a constantly growing problem and threat.

The first and the main important piece from the distribution channel, is theworldwide cinemas network, a network where cinemas are disconnected from each other and for this main reason:

  • a film premiere does not reach its financial, marketing and strategic potential

  • a film is much more vulnerable to piracy

  • new markets and business opportunities are missed out

IV. SOLUTION: Live Streaming Cinema business concept pushes the live streaming online technology into cinemas and turns film premiers from local and isolated events into global, intercultural and open ones.

We are going to develop and deliver the right tech and business package that will be marketed and implemented in cinemas in order to achieve our vision.


  • For USERS: A premiere experience will turn itself from watching a film at a cinema after 2,3 weeks from its release, into seeing that film in the exact moment of its official premiere and in the first moment when it touches the market. Intercultural experiences will reach new dimensions.

  • For PRODUCERS: It helps them reach global audiences instantly, it blows up the profits by offering the opportunity of instant cash-flows and it becomes an efficient operative combat piracy tool.

  • For CINEMA OWNERS: By turning their cinemas into Live Streaming Cinemas, they will offer producers new alternative distribution / selling channel able to really boost their wordlwide notoriety and financials. For users, they will deliver highly entertaining cinema experiences.

  • For ARTISTS: Their visibility grows and spreads worldwide instantly

  • For BUSINESS & ECONOMY: New markets, trends and opportunities develop worldwide.

VI.  WHY NOW: The main advantage of Live Streaming Cinema business concept is that all the technology and engineering capabilities and tools needed for engaging live streaming tech into cinemas are out there on the market, fresh and ready to be given new and novel dimensions.

Live Streaming Cinema concept ultimately means a new alternative distribution channel. It holds the potential to become the latest business trend in film, events and entertainment distribution and promotion.

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