Destination Truth in Romania


Spring – Summer 2011. Second time in Romania.

TV series „Destination Truth” – Season 5 (DT5) : a globe-trekking reality show that follows Josh Gates around the world as he explores different sites of supernatural importance.

Host / Lead Investigator: Joshua Gates. Co-host: Erin Ryder

One old friend of mine (Beatrice Popa – journalist, tv producer and cinematography professional)  called me one day and asked me to be part of the production management of DT5. Floriana Sandu (a well known film locations specialist) engaged us both in this adventure and so we ended up in this great, reality show & adventure project.

I knew nothing about television, but I knew a lot about tourism & traveling, adventures, events production, live show productions, management and operations.

As this was what she wanted for this project and I needed new work, I said Yes and this is how we started our DT5 production adventure.

We managed the production of 2 episodes in Romania:  Bucharest, Oltenia and Transilvania regions; made the locations scouting & proposed the locations and the overall 4 weeks route.

During filming, we traveled around Romania for 2 weeks with a 20 + people & mixed teams, coordinated transport, accommodation, logistic, budget & forecast, overall & daily schedule, etc

It was a pretty dynamic, mobile and complex project to handle, but we did a great job and the experience exchange was also beyond both sides expectations.

We ended up the project with a huge party in Bucharest, Old City where we had quite a good time until sunrise .

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