Bresson’s Romanian lovers: the awarding ceremony

It all started a few weeks ago from the famous French photographer Henri-Cartier Bresson and his Romanian lovers in a night train.

The Romanian online magazine initiated this “Wanted” campaign and it organized also this very beautiful national creation contest of short-Literature challenging its readers to envision their own story about the beautiful couple.

juriu-1The jury was made of the well known Dan C. Mihailescu, Doina Rusti and Daniel Cristea-Enache.

252 people from all over the country, more or less ordinary and more or less known  – sent their stories and 44 were selected to be published by Humanitas Publishing House in a Tribute Book of Stories dedicated to Bresson’s memory and related to the picture of the two lovers…a symbol of looking for them through these stories.

I participated in the contest and my story was the lucky No.38 – listed in the Book of Stories, called Vineri (Friday).  Mr. Recheșan Gheorghe Dan from Timisoara was the number one winner.

The awarding ceremony was a very nice event that took place at French Embassy in Bucharest, marked also by a musical moment performed by the pianist Sergiu Tuhuțiu and the jazz singer Irina Sarbu. Beautiful performance.

Looking at the event’s details with a producing eye – my personal opinion is that things could have been better balanced. It was very much a marketing and promoting event for the magazine – which is very good from a business perspective as the overall story and outcomes were beautiful, and its leading CEO woman Mihaela Carlan did her best to build a good and appealing story around the whole thing.

I personally felt equally important to introduce the debutant writers to the guests, sponsors and open public as it was very interesting to see people of all ages, jobs, locations and motivations emerging on the same ground and to find out who these people really are and what are their drive and motivation for writing. More than that, a few of them made a real effort to come to Bucharest and travelled many hours by train to take part of the ceremony, spent serious money for that and took a few days off from their jobs.

Therefore, from this perspective I felt that from a 3 hours event, at least a half on hour should have been dedicated exclusivelly to the present writers and to let media and sponsors know them by asking a few basic questions and by this to push them further (maybe some could get job proposals in the writing business, or who knows what other opportunities could arise for them).

Without this thing happening, the glue between the awarded writers and the rest of the guests was inexistent and the event turned out to be too much about the magazine itself and its sponsors and supporters. Of course, they tried to get the best and the most out of it as obvisouly was a big effort to do it – but my feeling was they tried a little too much and did not give enough attention to the core people around whom the whole thing happened: the debutant writers.

However, it was a very nice event and a good opportunity to meet new people. I am very happy and grateful for being able to be part of it.

This are a few pictures and media coverage of the story:

TV Coverage:  RealitateaTV  / Pro TV  / Antena 1

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