How did I end up an open innovation problem solver ?

Which one of the crowd are you?



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The scene in Wien with Salieri’s inner thoughts when he was walking in the crowd trying to spot the genius young musician that everybody was talking about, Mozart – slowly invaded my mind and never left it.

He wrote his first concerto at the age of 4, his first symphony at 7, a full scale opera at 12. Did it show? A talent like that shouldn’t be at the face? Which one of them could he be?”

As a problem solver you might better understand the meaning of these words.

What’s your story as open innovation player? When did you start? How? Why? What makes you keep walking on this path?

Which one of the crowd are you?

We invite you to join the first thread on openOI discussion board: What made you fly to open innovation? Or was it a push?

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