Portfolio of solutions to problems in open innovation market

Challenging the right people to solve a problem is game changing 

– Dwayne Spradlin, CEO Innocentive –


Worldwide organizations, profit and not-for-profit, have been there, too during the crisis and recession years (2008-2012) and realized they have to track and engage worldwide problem solvers in their business, to better legitimate their products, services, and decisions and to use technology and communication tools at better potential. This is how open innovation market became a fertile and highly challenging playground for problem solvers, a realm opened for anyone who is willing to make a difference, to literally design the world they would like to live in. A win-win situation, a process which continuously improves.

Being a problem solver in the open innovation market is the kind of experience that makes me constantly doubt myself. The only industry that has the same effect on me is the film screenwriting international competitions, cinematography.

These two markets challenge continuously my wildest sides. Each time, hundreds and thousands high skilled professionals from all over the world run for the grand prize and for bringing to the world the best idea for a solution to a problem or for a film. If they lose one time, they’ll come back “upgraded” next time. You constantly compete against people who never give up. Fundamentally, against yourself. And that’s scary! And beautiful!

For me, wild competitions are pure therapy as they have the power to convert my energy, to help me turn my aggressiveness into assertiveness, my weaknesses into strengths.

If you wish to have a look at my growing portfolio of solutions to a variety of social, healthcare systems, organizational and business problems, you can download a preview @ Portofolio Solutions to Problems in Open Innovation Market


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