Fixer for Expedition Unknown production in Romania by Travel Channel

Fixer Romania for the production of Expedition Unknown, Season 2, Episode 4 – Hunting Vampires

It happened this year during March – May (2o15) when Josh Gates, the producer and the host of the well known show broadcasted on Travel Channel contacted us once again for one of their productions abroad, in Romania.  They roll on the the very popular show Expedition Unknown and they wanted to produce an episode also in our country for their second season.

In this high standard production I played the role of the Fixer in Romania (click for the meaning), on short of the local producer. My co-national partner in crime I chose to be Petronela Rotar, writer and journalist. We teamed-up, she took over the field operations and I was in charge with the production coordination. It was the first time we worked together, but we made such a great team that eventually we ended up making more projects together in the area of video productions. A key part of our team were also the two drivers of the team and gear vans who very fast became reliable co-players in the game (Costel and Mihai).

As all productions of this calibre, this one too was an extremely complex and highly dynamic one, a production that challenged our skills and decision making aptitudes from preparation phase until production. The chain of continuous changes was endless until the last minutes.

We had to do extensive research on the topic in order to build real bridges between legends and present times / modern happenings, we worked with authorities and countless third parties for film permits, things we needed and archived documents, we handled all logistic and operations while traveling around the country. The most challenging part was field investigations as we met some personal security challenges at some point.

We did it all while driving and walking, one of us was reading, the other was having phone calls and emails, then one was driving, the other made the reasearch and handled all the other third parties and complementary tasks…and this is how we did it; an unbreathable rythm from start to finish with less than 3-4 hours sleep a night. A highly mobile and dynamic video production.

The most beautiful parts of it were the friendships that were born out of it with both the Americans and our co-nationals we met on the road, some unique locations we discovered and loads of knowledge. It shapped our skills one more time.

See the full Romanian episode here.


We had very good collaborations with our local partners, authorities and colleagues.

I’ll take this opportunity to list them and to send them our special thanks for all the help, warmth and openess they show to us during this very demanding production process:

Floriana Sandu, Location Manager & Scout, for reccommending me for this project and for overall support

Oliviu Craznic, Novelist 

– Petre Moraru, Actor (Dracula funny old character)

– Dragos Ioan Silivestru, Actor (Dracula, the dangerous younger one)

Hotel Unique * * * *, Piata Romana, Bucharest for American team accommodation

– Central Casting

The Romanian Civil Aviation Authority

General City Hall, Bucharest (with special thanks to Tourism Department)

– Adventure Motorcycle Tours and Ural Moto for the corpse motorcycle.

Craiova Court of Law. Special thanks to their staff and to the Public Relations Department.

– Craiova General Prosecutor

Hotel Plaza Lake Rojiste, Craiova

Media Pro Studios for costumes and props

– Agertur Terra for transport services

Ionel Popa (fxtrucaje)

Andreea Dardea Tesdall – film make-up artist

– Frontier Police at Bechet port (Romania-Bulgaria border)

Spet Shipping – ferryboats Romania-Bulgaria

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  1. Hello. I am here at home in the US watching a rerun of Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel. I became curious about the behind the scenes work that makes a TV show enjoyable.. like this Romania/Bulgaria vampire episode from Josh Gates. I did some Google searching and I ended up here on your page. I’m glad I did because it helped enlighten me to the work required by persons who may never get the public recognition they deserve. The work you did off screen made the show enjoyable and when you think about it..your work and work by many others make shows even possible. So..just a quick thank you from someone you will never meet to a person I will never know in appreciation for unheralded devotion.


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your nice thoughts and feedback.

      Yes, the work of production behind the scenes is enormous. During adventure-shows productions another challenging factor is also the high dynamics of changes. It’s critical for the both teams to act like one (foreign and local) and to communicate continuously.

      As for the public recognition, we are always credited for our work :)



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