We Are Solvers: About & Participants in the First Round of Interviews


– interviews with worldwide open innovation award winners – 


„We Are Solvers” it is probably the closest to my heart project and the latest I’ve done in 2015. It is the first step that I made in the journey of documenting the winning problem solvers from open innovation global community using the vehicle of video production and the method of virtual interviews.

“We are Solvers” is a non-commercial video production with and about worldwide award winning problem solvers from open innovation realm. It is a series of virtual meetings with uniquely prepared minds and silently influencers of our today’s world. The interviews are hosted by me and produced under the label of my newest service DayDreamer Productions. 

It is a five years old idea that seeded in my heart when I started to solve and win open innovation challenges. It eventually spread its wings on the last minute of year 2015 when together with seven worldwide multiple awarded solvers and my team we managed to do the first round of virtual interviews.

It was a very sensitive production to organize and implement because it was 100% based on each solver’s word of honor and mutual trust. It was a intrinsec living project that found its own people to start, its own resources, helpers, team and its own way. The fact that we are all part of the same community made quite a difference, the level of professionalism was at its highest at all ends.

The purpose of this video production with and about award winning problem solvers is to make this community of „silent worriors” and „silent influencers” known to worldwide influencers and decision makers in order for them to start learning how to use indivudual diversity and such high competitive community at its best; to start considering such individuals an advantage and not a threat.

Problem solvers community is a pool of highly creative and competitive professionals who take the act of continuous learning to the next level. Who take innovation personally.

We filmed the first interviews series in a very nice studio in Brasov city (Romania) together with my team made of Petronela Rotar (production coordinator, journalist, writer and close friend), Dan Lungu (sound and video edit), Maria Cristina Mihalcea (virtual production assistant & host in my interview).

I’ve been helped by my friends who sponsored this start-up round of interviews, Maria Simina Sapatinas (Medical Doctor) and Mihai Rohan (CEO now retired; in present consultant and member of various leadership associations).

At this moment we work hard in the post-production process from both Bucharest and Brasov (Romania) in order to be able to post them by the end of January 2016 as planned.

I set up a production service with the occasion of We Are Solvers project and it is called DayDreamer Productions. Something that I wanted to do a long time ago, anyway.

We Are Solvers project’s promotion and digital marketing will be done mainly by myself, but I hope that also nature will follow its course once the interviews are available online.

The solvers who were part of the first round of „We Are Solvers” interviews and their solutions are:

  1. Bas van de Haterd from Utrecht, Netherlands – winner of 4 challenges.  Entrepreneur, consultant, writer, professional speaker

Challenges won:

  1. Big Ideas for Unlocking The Power of Big Data in Pharma
  2. Afraid to Talk About Death? Solutions to Engage People in Care Planning!
  3. Transitioning Customers to E-sales in a B2B Environment
  4. Seeking Improved Document Identification and Verification Methods
  1. Abshar Rashid from Dubai, United Arab Emirates – winner of 1 challenge.  Senior Software Engineering Professional and Private Computer Science Researcher

Challenge won: Software Trading Models

  1. David Galbraith from Tucson, Arizona, USA – winner of 1 challenge. PhD Professor at The School of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona

The challenge he won was related directly to some scientific work he had done and published about 20 years ago.

  1. Mario Alejandro Rosato from Latisana, Italy – winner of 6 challenges. CEO / R&D at Sustainable Technologies SL.  Professor of biogas technology. 4th place in the worldwide ranking of top solvers by Innocentive in 2011

Challenges won:

1) Rockefeller Foundation: Rain Harvesting in Kerala

2) The Economist: Tackling  global climate change

3) Anonymous wafer company: How to eliminate charred residues from the cooking  plates

4) Consumer Electronic Association: Recycling glass from cathodic ray tubes

5) Environmental Defense Fund: Capturing agricultural nitrates to avoid eutrophization

6) Anonymous wood board company: Method for sealing the gaps between construction boards

  1. Steven Webb from Houston, Texas, USA – winner of 10 challenges. PhD diamond scientist at the drill bit company, Hughes Christensen Corporation. Architect of 130 solutions to OI challenges. 

Challenges won:

1) Materials for Exhaust System

2) Diverse Experts Required: Formulating, Filling & Monitoring

3) Process for No-Waste Partitioning

4) Novel Methods of Converting Carbonic Acid to Carbonate Anion

5) Non-Stick Plastics for Liquids

6) What to Do with All That Wastewater?

7) Lightning as an Alternative Energy Source

8) Faster Mixing Methods for Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

9) Fabric Quick-dry Technology

10) Model of Process for Separating Seeds

  1. Jacqueline Eenkooren from Alberta, Calgary, Canada – winner of 2 challenges. Graduate at the Centre for Military, Security, and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary. Assistant-Researcher  at the University of Calgary. She researches innovations in intelligence analysis. 

Challenges won:

1) Raising Treatment for Hepatitis C

2) Models Motivating and Supporting Altruism Within Communities

  1. Michael Ricciardi from Seattle, Washington, USA – winner of 7 open innovation challenges and shortlisted for another 4. Contract Legal Assistant/Researcher at Public Defence – King County, State of Washington. Science and Technology Writer, Researcher, Tech and Concept Designer.

Challenges won:

  1. Ford’s Innovate Mobility Series – ‘Create Accessories for Parked Commercial Vehicles’
  2. ‘Fighting Ebola – A Grand Challenge for Development (technology proposal)
  3. ‘2013 Innovations in Arms Control Challenge’ (Bureau of Arms Control and Compliance, US State Dept.)
  4. ‘How to Augment a Camera to do More than Take a Snapshot?’  
  5. Strategy to Assimilate Unstructured Information 
  6. ‘What Disruptive Innovations Does Pharma Need to Discover Tomorrow’s Drugs?’ 
  7. ‘Tech Challenge to Prevent Mass Atrocities’ 

Additional Short-listed Solutions Proposals:

  1. ‘Employing Youth through Big Data Analysis’ 
  2. ‘Knowing By Numbers’ concept proposal for indicators of mass atrocity or government suppression
  3. ‘The Economist Challenge: Envisioning and Designing the 21st Century Cyber School’ 
  4. ‘Passenger Screening for Infectious Agents’ 
  1. Georgia Mihalcea from Bucharest, Romania – winner of 2 challenges and short-listed for a social-entrepreneurship one. Business consultant, screenwriter and producer at Daydreamer Productions

Challenges won:

1) Models for sourcing regional food databases (healthcare tech platform)

2) Humanizing the customer digital experience (banking tech application)

Short-listed for the social-business solution launched in Social Business Tour 2010 (by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus) – „A good house for bad times”.


Stay tuned! „We Are Solvers” promo and a creative teaser will be soon available to watch! 


Winning solvers who want to become part of this project and join the second round of interviews should email me at contact.daydreamer.productions@gmail.com or contact@georgiamihalcea.com

Leave a reply or two. Or your testimonials if you ever worked or interacted with me.

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