Copywriting: Is Your Vision Ordinary?

Copywriting: content precision is a heavy factor when it comes to sales and compelling presentations

Copywriting in Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing most of the specialists say that content is the king and queen together. Of course, otherwise what’s there to distribute on social media? This is like saying: let me tell you something boy, indeed…the skies are blue.

SEO fellows play on the same card and advice you to publish tones of articles in order for your website to climb better and faster in the google rank, an important factor when it comes to sales.

The problem with the tones of articles approach is the content quality. Usually it’s low or just ordinary or worse, it’s too general, it doesn’t have a good enough precision. Nothing wrong with that as long the answer to these questions is Yes.

Is your service ordinary? Is your product ordinary? Is your vision ordinary?

Today there are plenty of small companies that live from article writing. Taking into account the ‘hunger’ of the wild wild web in order for your site to be better positioned in search engines, the price to pay is not quite cheap. No wonder robot writers based on artificial intelligence started to take over. They answer to both big data and fast data challenges and are able to deliver endless articles on the same theme. What they cannot do and won’t manage to do so easily is to deliver highly creative content and well targeted content for the products, services and visions we sell. That’s still a human job and my guess is it will remain so for a while.

Another problem with being well ranked in google without taking into account the precision factor, it’s that you’ll work much more than normal. More people will call without being ready to buy, more emails you’ll receive and answer, more time you’ll spend in the field with not enough well prepared clients.

That’s not completely bad, but it’s a too general approach and it probably works when it comes to retail.

But when we talk about real estate, for example and other more complex services and products, this general approach diminishes the work efficiency and increases costs without attracting more sales in return. We have to better analyze and to make a step forward by nuancing and by developing precision when it comes to content, property descriptions, marketing ads and so on.

Copywriting does that. It is usually assimilated with branding & advertising agencies, a ‘normal’ thing otherwise, but old school at the same time. Many even better copywriters may be encountered today in the area of creative writers, authors, bloggers, researchers, problem solvers and so on. Horizons are wider nowadays and we can use our advanced communications gadgets to access these alternative options and engage freelancers from any corner of the world we want in our sales and marketing process.

Copy writing is about precision. Ignoring the power of precision is not the wisest move to make. In many occasions precision makes the difference between success and failure.

Copywriting in Sales Pitches and Compelling Presentations

When it comes to sales pitches and convincing presentations, copywriting can make one lower quality approach to win over a better one just because it wasn’t articulated in a good enough way, it didn’t have that X Factor.

Of course, things are more complex on this one. There is much more knowledge involved, research, demos, and so on. There is also a good understanding of the market and of the target audience. But the way you put all that together is an influencing agent. In many occasions, a decisive one.

A short story

I remember one French executive HR professional who interviewed me once for an executive role. He had no clue what entrepreneurship skills mean, what open innovation is, how things do happen there and what kind of skills a winning solver has in order to be able to convince invisible audiences that his/her solution is the best out of hundreds and sometimes even thousands. And mostly, to do it in a foreign language and to not have a procedure at hand for that.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing. Especially in the era of big and fast data. What is wrong is to not be willing to find out and to understand, to investigate, to do the research, your homework in this case. And what is worse is to make final decisions over one candidate or another on this basis, especially if we talk about executive and leading roles.

There were some specific procedures I was not familiar with, procedures related to fund raising, programs and projects presentations. The reason for that was because I never activated in the NGOs industry and this was my first attempt. Bureaucracy stuff that anyone can learn very fast.

He made a fundamental error by confusing not knowing the procedure with not being able to design a highly compelling presentation. And so he asked me: How would you be able to convince our big sponsors to finance our projects?

I have to admit that these kinds of basic confusions and dumb questions always shock me when they come from leading factors, in this case from an international NGO. I never get used to that. And it’s an effort even to open my mouth. Maybe because it feels like a lost cause, at least for the moment. I don’t know.

I have a track record in convincing unknown/unseen/invisible international target audiences that my solutions, the way I presented them, are the ones they were looking for. I never know who the judges of my solutions are, but I know they are decision makers. I don’t know the size of their organization, but taken into account the problem they address and the amount of award paid, they are not so small. And I did it in a language that is not my native one. Imagine what I can do if I know my audience, if I can see it and talk to it. 

Did my answer convince this guy? Of course not. There are many factors. One can also be that my self-presentation was not good enough or not precise enough for this round. I can buy that in a certain degree.

Final thoughts

The point of this story is that copywriting cannot do miracles. But it plays a heavy role in the overall fusion of elements that is your strategy and in paving the road for miracles which means more and faster sales in the private zone, and more and faster sponsorship in the not-for-profit zones.

Copywriting can turn things around. It is also the beginning of a good speech.

As long as your service, product, solution or program is not ordinary, you cannot ignore the power of copywriting and all the great alternatives and people available out there on the market.

Leave a reply or two. Or your testimonials if you ever worked or interacted with me.

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