Talking about ‪open innovation‬ with Bas van de Haterd

We Are Solvers

 Talking about ‪‎open innovation‬ with 4 times award winning ‪‎problem solver‬ Bas van de Haterd from Utrecht, Netherlands.

Find out more about open innovation and get unique insights directly from the winning players of this highly challenging game. Beyond that, the champs have some strong messages to worldwide leaders, influencers, educational systems and human resources professionals.

Bas van de Haterd is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and professional speaker who loves cycling, fantasy books, goth metal music, and movies as the mood goes. He is always ON, he is also involved in volunteering activities and his areas of expertise go around Marketing, Recruitment and Employer Branding, Organizational and Business Development.

Regarding his close to heart projects, on top of the list there his newest book 10 Jobs (that will appear and 10 jobs that will disappear) and taking research international.

Bas van de Haterd won several totally different types of challenges launched by different organizations and it happened to be all in the spectrum of business. The problems Bas successfully answered are:

1. Big Ideas for Unlocking The Power of Big Data in Pharma
2. Afraid to Talk About Death? Solutions to Engage People in Care Planning
3. Transitioning Customers to E-sales in a Business to Business (B2B) Environment
4. Seeking Improved Document Identification and Verification Methods

Excerpt from virtually meeting Bas on set during We Are Solvers:

‪‎Georgia Mihalcea‬ (Host): What’s your message to the human resource professionals and to the headhunters?

Bas van de Haterd‬: To human resources I think you should think about solving a problem, not about getting people in there. Human resources isn’t only about the resources within your company, it’s about total human resources, so your total network around your company. They should solve problems for that company by using the right tools and I think open innovation should be much more on their radar for binding talent to your organization and actually using the talent at the right moment in the right stage.

Georgia Mihalcea‬ (Host): What’s your message to the universities leaders, to the educational system?

Bas van de Haterd‬The educational system should teach for jobs that have not developed yet. The most important skill is to learn, keep on learning, keep on developing yourself. And it doesn’t matter how you learn, and it doesn’t matter if you work for a company or if you are self-employed, you should be learning and developing yourself. And that’s the main thing they should do. And then open innovation is a part of that, teaching people learn makes people innovate.

Georgia Mihalcea‬ (Host): What is your message to the board of executives, to the leaders, influencers, financers?

Bas van de Haterd‬: Use the talent that’s there, use talent at the moment they are really talented. Like Seth Godin said “everybody is brilliant just not all of the time”, use the talent, use open innovation, use people that are surrounding your company not just in your company.

Georgia Mihalcea‬ (Host): What things do you think could be improved when it comes to open innovation solving?

Bas van de Haterd‬One of the things I’ve ran into myself a few times, is the selection of who actually judges the idea. I’ve seen a few challenges which I am pretty sure that what I would consider to be the best idea would not have won. I had one which had a big idea component, and you could see in the way they wrote the questions they had absolutely no idea what they were asking. And in that case you could see that their knowledge of the subject matter was too low so they were not able to judge the right ideas well.

I’ve also seen ideas about the entrepreneurship coming out of, for example, European Commission and which they formed the judges and there were a lot of scientists in there. I don’t think a scientist has the idea about what entrepreneurship means because otherwise he would have been an entrepreneur. And when you usually see on those challenges if you look at the winners they are mostly scientists as well. So is more about how is written down than the actual idea and I think is not good for open innovation.

Georgia Mihalcea‬ (Host):  What are the first 3 motivations, intentions that inspire you to engage in open innovation problem solving?

Bas van de Haterd‬: Well, first of all, the learning aspect. It challenges me to think on subjects I would usually not think about. The second one is, well of course, the adrenaline, kick of winning. And well the money is interesting as well sometimes.

Watch the full video interview with open innovation 4 times award winner Bas van de Haterd (duration 26 minutes):

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