This is the dream

I dreamt to convince at least one NGO of my ideas. Instead I hit a coalition.

It sounds arrogant. I assure you it is not. Here is my story that led to my third winning solution through open innovation realm this month, June 2016.

Ever since I put an end to my over 10 years chapter of business entrepreneurship (at least for a while), I tried to find ways to do something closer to my core visions. Just doing business and paying my 2 cents to society through tax venue didn’t feel good enough. Making money took all my time and vitality in the Romanian emerging market, a country with chronic corruption and law issues, infertile for small and medium private businesses. I eventually couldn’t hold it anymore on this road.

I needed something more meaningful, to go beyond myself and to bring peace to my restlessness.

So I made a choice: no matter how rough it gets, I’ll stick to myself. And so I started my journey to find my way in this loud and over crowded world. I can only die trying, go crazy or die of poverty and painful diseases, I said to myself. But at that point of my life it seemed the only road that made sense. I took full responsibility for this edgy choice and I stepped into unknown. I hit the ground instantly and while laying there at the bottom of my life, I realized that coming back is not an option. I look around and also moving forward was not an option. I woke up suspended between myself and my life, between times and worlds, and between versions of myself. There were no bridges, no exit doors and no one to build some.

Instead there were unprecedented levels of anxiety, fear and confusion. And also all people in my life asking me the same endless questions about my work and life, and me answering the same way: I don’t know.

What to do with myself? was a daily question in the last 7 years while my life got harder and harder to endure. No resources for new business, no fertile environment for new affairs, no first dollar way of financing option available for social business projects, no job, no health coverage, no entertainment, no vacation or travelling, no meeting with my friends, not being able to visit my family. No NGO and government program to address people in these circumstances. No money, no life.

I started to doubt myself and my way of thinking.

(The full story goes on here)

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