Hey! You’re a dreamer?

It’s been tough lately for dreamers. They say dreaming is dead. Noone does it anymore.

People who follow their flow are often called crazy, fantezists or idealists. But if you carefully look around, you’ll notice that most of them turn into entrepreneurs, grass roots activits, problem solvers and other breeds of world changers and influencers. They turn into free people. 

Dreamers are aware that their particular action, no matter how small it may look from the Universe, has the potential to make a difference, to inspire, to push the world forward. Bit by bit. Esentially, to push themselves forward in an ocean of adversity and confusion.

The beauty of our today’s world consists in the fact that it gives us the opportunity to become who we are and who we want to be. Our generation was blessed with an extraordinary opportunity, unique in our world’s history. No other previous generation had such a clear chance and possibility to follow its flow and to change something so fast, here, there or everywhere.

It is true that the game of life became harder and complex than ever before, but at the same time living a life that represents us became a tangible possibility. 

Dreamers master resilience. Resilience is the capacity to move forward and grow against all adversities in creative ways. It is much more than just hanging on under pressure.  Resilience is a priceless skill and trait of character. 

Imagine a dreamer billionaire who decides today to build a global organization made of dreamers. To build a realm where the „employee” concept does no longer exist, but only free people willing to commit to a purpose higher than themselves.

Can you envision the amount and speed of creativity and innovation that can bloom out of such approach? The world is full of dots that need to be connected in order to create new and better products, services and markets.

Visionaires say that in less than 10 years most than half of the Top 500 Fortune organizations will no longer exist. I share this vision and I wonder: if these folks have all the resources to prevent it, then what prevents them to reach their full potential?

I strongly advise people in power positions to team-up with dreamers, to engage dreamers in their business. They can beautifully change each other’s course of life. They can beautifully craft new wings for each other.

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