Hey, you’re a dreamer?​ Vote my story on HeroX

3 days left for my friends to vote my story „Hey, you’re a dreamer?”

„On the margins of life there is another life, different breeds of humans, new kind of stories and other rules. Here all people turned into words.”

There are 3 days left for my known and unknown friends to vote my story “Hey, you’re a dreamer?” that I submitted in “Unleash Your Superhero” contest, a beautiful action launched by crowdsourcing platform HeroX for promoting problem solvers around the world and their journey on the pathway of innovation.

Here is the link to vote: https://herox.com/superhero/entries 

P.S. Guide yourself by following the photo, my name (Georgia Mihalcea) and the title of my story (Hey, you’re a dreamer?) to spot the story in the crowd.

I encourage you to have a look also at the other stories in the contest in order to allow yourself to discover a piece from the beauty of a new world, the one of open innovation.

Thank you.


,,Pe marginile vietii descoperi o alta viata, noi specii de oameni, noi feluri de povesti si alte reguli. Aici toti oamenii au devenit cuvinte.”

Mai sunt 3 zile pentru prietenii mei stiuti si nestiuti sa voteze povestea “Hey, you’re a dreamer?” cu care am participat in concursul “Unleash Your Superhero”, o actiune frumoasa de promovare a problem solverilor si a calatoriei lor pe drumul inovatiei, actiune lansata de platforma de crowdsourcing HeroX.

Aici linkul pentru vot: https://herox.com/superhero/entries

P.S. Ghidati-va dupa fotografie, numele meu si titlu “Hey, you’re a dreamer?” pentru a identifica povestea mea. Si trageti cu ochiul si la celelalte povesti pentru a descoperi o frantura din frumusetea unei lumi noi pentru multi, cea a inovatiei deschise.


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