Gone are the days when rising above the crowd was optional

What if your entire life depends on being the first and the best from hundreds, thousands and even millions to win another day of your life?

What if your entire life depends on how well you craft your words, on your clarity of thinking and on your faith that you are going to make it?

“Rise Above The Crowd” is my first guiding book about how self-redesign impacts the world by using the writing craft as strategy and the internet as venue. The book is part of “Leads for Success” themed series of books.


I’ll start by announcing my e-friends that by the end of July I am shutting down the blog and all the other websites that I have as I am moving forward to a forum oriented platform Kent & Young. So if you wish to keep in touch and engage in interesting live conversations, you can subscribe there and sign in the forums.

Leads For Success

Did it cross your mind that rising above the crowd

is not optional anymore? 

It’s been a while since I am thinking on how to integrate my own diversity of skills and passions in such a way to be able to thrive in both times: today and tomorrow.

After years of continuous learning and breaking it all down to essences and key areas, Kent & Young design thinking and transformation creative service turned out to be the best formula for me in terms of…

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