Fixer „Louisa and Rosanna” pentru TLC Olanda.

She travels to find her gypsy roots and to redefine her identity. We traveled with her.

It is “Louisa and Rosanna” reality show featuring their lifestyle as a transgender family on TLC Netherlands. This is the Romanian side of the story from the fixer perspective.

For a fixer, taking a transgender in the heart of Romanian gypsy communities to film their interaction is a very delicate thing to do. The most complicated one in my personal working history from finesse perspective.

“Louisa and Rosanna” reality show is produced by Discovery Communications and Strix Television Benelux for TLC Netherlands and the crew came to Romania in July to track on camera Louisa’s journey. Born a Dutch-gypsy, Louisa reached a point in life when she wants to know more about who she is and to learn more about the gypsy spirit that fires her heart.

Read about the full experience while helping producing the Romanian episode of the show on our transformative platform Kent and Young – here.

Louisa and Rosanna transgender reality show. Romanian episode.

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