Crowdsourcing platform HeroX is hiring a Director of Possibilities.

Does a job called Director of Possibilities make you click?

The popular crowdsourcing platform HeroX is looking for a rock star to join their team.

The recruitment process is done through crowdsourcing. The beauty of it is that you can work from anywhere. The real win here is that HeroX has a great culture.

The “entry ticket” to the selection process is a simple and straight forward task. Record a video (max 90 seconds) with you answering the question “If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you working at HeroX, what did we achieve together?”

Here is where you must land to engage: Want to work for HeroX?

See you in the arena.

Good luck! :)

#crowdsourcingrecruitment #hiretalents

Leave a reply or two. Or your testimonials if you ever worked or interacted with me.

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