Patterns for Wellness – A Map To Better Places. Coaching program through videocasts.

Patterns for Wellness – A Map To Better Places.

Creative coaching program through video pocasts.

The side-effects of my working and creative life turned out to be coaching, writing and filmmaking. Things that are my core passions and callings. So I am happier and happier that I eventually reached my „home”. It’s a lot to build, but I am there.

My Massivelly Transformative Purpose is to bring 1 millions people closer to happiness through who I am and what I can do. For this purpose I give away a lot of my knowledge.

Some of the things I’ve done until now are concentrated on my consulting website Kent & Young (see the Book Shop, except „Rise Above The Crowd” book, all the writings and programs are free for download).

Others are wrapping themselves in new forms, like it is my animation reality show (and marketing and coaching tool) – Piper Animation Show.  See the first flash video episode from the video podcast Patterns for Wellness – a map to better places, creative coaching program.





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