Meetup Crowdsourcing Bucuresti

Pentru antreprenorii, soloprenorii, proprietarii de mici afaceri, liderii si executivii din corporatii si marile organizatii interesati de crestere si dezvoltare exponentiala prin crowdsourcing am deschis un grup de networking in Bucuresti – Bucharest Crowdsourcing Meetup. O serie de intalniri informale prin care sa vedem cum puteti integra crowdsourcing-ul in strategiile voastre de marketing, inovatie si dezvoltare.

Prima intalnire e stabilita sambata, 28 octombrie 2017 intre 17.00 – 19.00 (putem adapta intervalul orar daca este cazul).

Locatia poate fi la oricare dintre participanti (ocazie cu care intram in contact direct cu afacerea fiecaruia) sau oriunde in Bucuresti, in functie de numarul de participanti.

Despre relevanta crowdsourcing-ului va las ca lead un articol ca punct de pornire.

Contact | Expert Crowdsourcing

Georgia Mihalcea | +40 722 856 811 |


“Rise Above The Crowd”


“Patterns for Success”

– a coaching program for start-up entrepreneurs, DIY and small business owners – 


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  1. Update:

    We have a very nice host location for the first Bucharest Crowdsourcing Meet-up (Saturday, October 28th, 5-7 pm) at Hotel Unique, Piata Romana (Caderea Bastiliei nr 35, sector 1), a welcoming business boutique hotel in the heart of Bucharest.


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