Harvard Innovation Labs Meet Crowdsourcing Winning Solvers

What motivates people to join a crowdsourcing community? Why do people work hard on challenges?

As a part of an ongoing research on the motivating factors of the crowd, researchers at the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard University have been asking a series of questions to the challenge winners on HeroX.

Since my last two crowdsourcing awarded challenges happened on HeroX, I was one the winners taking part in this survey.

To be honest, I was expecting organizations like this to act sooner, like 7 years ago, maybe their research on our community would have led earlier to better and fairer opportunities for all sides. Anyway, it’s great news that winning solvers global community gets more and more attention.

Here is a summary of their survey: Becoming Heroes: Harvard’s Crowd Innovation Lab Meets Crowdsourcing Project Winners

I am hoping for more research to happen in this area. We are here.

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