Don’t get out of the comfort zone, but use it to access new levels of success.

Don’t get out of your comfort zone. Instead, do it nice and rough. A view through the lens of operations management.

A very damaging piece of advice that seems ustoppable in the online marketing environment is “get out of your comfort zone” (if you want to achieve success and happiness).

Now, if you want your dreams to turn into nightmares and your life into hell, ok, follow that and good luck.

This type of advice is a mistake simply because it lies on a foundation populated with confusion. You can’t help people with metaphors or by speaking in dialect. Not when it comes to practical matters, to actions, to catalyzing their execution abilities. In this area, Literature is not the tool to use. 

As I say also in Videocast #2 – Shape your clarity with flash fictionOne of the main reasons you get confused are words. Trillions of words you hear, read and speak all day long since childhood. Most of the people today use words as a substitute for doing, listening and feeling. The most unhappy, diconnected and unsuccessful people I met are the ones struggling with confusion. Confusion paralyzes. It is a wicked problem that silently becomes part of our nature, so it is hard to see it and accept it as such. Confusion grows when complexity grows. It is like a shadow.

The comfort which is the villain and the tumour in „get out of your comfort zone” type of speech means nothing else but „warm guilt”, a lateral and insignificant meaning of the word.

At its core, all the 99% top meanings of comfort have nothing to do with that. But that small side-meaning that inflicts guilt in the mids of your brains for not being successful in the sense of fame and billions of dollars (for not being good enough to be praised – which in subtext means not good enough to be loved and to be happy) has everything to do with marketing.

As a lifetime operations performer, I can tell you one thing: the best operations performance is when noone feels how you turn the world upside down behind the curtains to make their lives, projects, processes or companies better, or when noone feels the shaking vibes coming from the profound transformations you operate in the background for the same purpose.

That naturally it goes. That smooth. 

Good operations make you feel, think and say „this is how it is supposed to be!”

The same type of smoothness applies (or should be applied) at the level of your personal life operations, in the changes and transformations you want or need to do to reach better places.

You really don’t need to do abrupt things or to sacrifice your comfort to turn your life around.

Back to the roots for a moment. Definitions.

Comfortable: physically relaxed and free from constraint, not in pain or in danger, free from stress or tension, free from financial worry; having an adequate standard of living, with a wide margin.

Comfort: prosperity and the pleasant lifestyle secured by it. The easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress. Improve the mood of or restore a sense of physical well-being to. US dialect: A warm quilt.

Now, why the hell should you get out of the comfort zone? This is Heaven.

Someone who has or can all that is not lazy or indulgent, but on the contrary.

Don’t get out of your comfort zone, but use your comfort zone to access new levels of prosperity and success. If you put it like this, it makes much more sense.

For clarity purpose, we may get much better in this department by saying “watch out to the measure of your indulgence” or something like that.

You should not feel guilty because you indulge yourself in the things you like or make you feel pleasure as long as you don’t cross the lines or lose the good measure, as long as they don’t become dangers for your comfort (prosperity, wellbeing, health).

You might say that comfort facilitates or leads to indulgence. I’d say that such statement is the same as saying “smoking facilitates various diseases”. Ok, but who is the subject here? Who is the doer?

It is not your comfort zone that stays between you and your dreams. It is not even you. Nothing stays between you and your dreams, success or whatever it is that you need to feel better about yourself and happier. Absolutely nothing. Quoting from Matrix film “there is no spoon”.

All you have to do is get a better clarity regarding your life objectives and direction, design a good strategy and execute. Choose a scenario and get the shit out of it. Once you make the choice, no hesitations, no second thoughts, no looking back. 

Once you solve your confusion problem at the level of your foundations, in your personal department, a thing that needs constant review in our today world, you won’t spend your potential and energy in the wrong directions, on the wrong people and things. You’ll spend it all on what you want to achieve. You’ll radically improve your chances to succeed. That is how you get super powers. It is a very practical technique. Simple, otherwise, but to master it you need to practice on a daily basis until it becomes reflex.

If your present comfort level doesn’t satisfy you, then one thing is obvious: you ended up here with a set of skills and you are stuck in here because you are using the same set of skills and knowledge base. It has nothing to do with comfort. To unlock new levels of the game, you need to aquire new skills and to diversify your knowledge. 

If you want more, you have to be able to do more and to be more. It is like buying a car. If you want a more sophisticated car, you need to work more to afford paying a higher price and then monthly maintenance costs.

But for achieving this intermediary purpose, there is no need to get out of your comfort zone or to sacrifice your corner of heaven. On the contrary, your present comfort level is your strenght and resource for next steps forward. All you need is to adjust the way you distribute your time and energy, your resources. To simply adjust your life operations.

Be a smooth operator to quote Sade lyrics. Or if you prefer Tina Turner in her Proud Mary performance, “do it nice and rough”. 


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