Resilience Patterns: Make Your Life Chart

Resilience patterns

How does your life chart look like? The “operational flow” of your self?​

I spent my late summer days under the Canarian sky putting together my own life hacks into a structured collection of techniques that made me smart enough to be lucky along the way.

In this post I’ll just highlight one of the best self-help techniques that pulled me out of the worst. Breaking down my life cycle to a chart, to an operational flow. It is like doing the outline for a film or novel.

Practically, I had to apply my own professional expertise on my personal level, on myself. As if I was a doctor doing my own surgery to an organ I couldn’t see without a mirror. Not quite the sweetest and easy going self-challenge. 

Once crisis happens eveything changes. Nothing will ever be the same.

I found the best definition of crisis in dramatic or non dramatic fiction, where it is defined as „the point at which the highest level of interest and emotional response is achieved”.

(by the way, how do you define crisis?)

Doing my life cycle operational flow chart proved to be a one of a hell resilience technique and therapeutic tool to rise above life crisis and adversities. It is my golden map and accelerator.

Here it is, simple and straight forward:

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