Trends that leap into recruitment of staff

Trends that leap into recruitment of staff, marketing and not only. One way video interview, chatbot or conversational data.

Another trend that leaps into recruitment of staff, marketing and not only. One way video interview, chatbot or conversational data.

When technology pushed us all into digital, companies introduced human resources software. I missed the fact that the IP of Romania was always silently blocked everywhere, I only figure it out when I wanted to apply outside my country for a job. The only way to do it at the time was to lie about your location in the CV and to ask your overseas friends to send it over from their „better” IP. I’ve come to work for organizations outside my country, but not taking this path. Still, my strategy worked out perfectly for friends and family who found a place in remote jobs.

Then online interviews began to rise. It started with Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.

Meanwhile, a variety of communication management digital platforms have emerged that cover all kinds of needs in this area, but they have begun to flourish when the remote jobs market and outsourcing to former employees of corporations returning there on the way of freelancing and / or start-ups, and when more and more businesses start to operate online.

These things are less understood at the level of start-up leadership and small / medium businesses because they were born out of the needs of corporations running hundreds and thousands of applications per month for the jobs they open, with everything that means the operational flow around the employment process. In their context, tools that streamline and automate processes, as many parts of the operational flow, are imperative. On this natural path for them, corporations are the first to unleash robots and technology based on artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, automation has gone a step further through the concept of one way video interview or, in other words, interview with the robot – up to now, chatboot or conversational data. There are more companies already doing these things and more and more organizations implementing chatbot services in the recruitment area (see as example TalkPush – a recruitment platform for messaging age), but also in marketing and other business and industries areas. 

Many experience strange feelings in this new bot recruiting process, but it seemed strange also when previous things happened. And why should you feel so strange when you already experience it with customer service robotic calls and in so many areas, already? Probably because we feel it as a threat to our life and work continuity. In the back of our brains the new questions that open are „How can I convince a robot of my own capabilities?” „How do I maintain focus?”. It gives a sense of helplessness at the first impact.

The good part of this story is that as we all are pushed back home by the robots, we have more time left for us and our passions, but also for social innovation.

Here, we still have the advance in front of the robots and the opportunity to use and develop our creativity to use them in our favor, to collaborate with them, or even to hire / buy them for new business. 

Paradoxically, nothing will become easier for the human being, on the contrary. However, interesting times like never before unravel on the horizons.For example, for the first time in human history we will see superheroes in the skin of some real-life characters. Like me and you.

P.S. An interesting marketing platform that uses bots and integrates chat bots into various industries and businesses to increase lead conversion in sales and other benefits is Dashbot. For more information about chat bots, there are Chatbots Magazine.



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