Don’t waste your vitality and time struggling to find happiness. Create it.

What is your definition of happiness?

Recently, I have received a mail from a close e-friend informing me about a very nice virtual competition looking to award ideas that can exponentially generate happiness.

It was a very interesting synchronicity as I was already working at one design for a few months, one of my main personal creative projects.

I asked my e-friend: “would we compete also on this one?”.

He said he did not know. Part of him believed that to create a solution for happiness, he should figure out how he stands in happiness department.

Sometimes it works like this, but sometimes it is not. I avoid applying the same strategies in all departments of my life. Especially in such a complex and fast changing world. In fact, I change strategies all the time.

I have a different stand here.

I believe that it is not my happiness frame I should clarify first, but my vision of life. It is my purpose and meaning that I have to (re)design first.

I also believe that in our times we won’t be able to find our purpose anywhere, we are challenged to create it, to design it, to craft our way out to living a meaningful life. Then, to choose my tactics, to design my route, my action plan to fulfill that vision of life.

The vision is the fix part of the game, the tactics are the flexible part. I might consider some tactics at this point, but I might realize that I have to instantly adapt and to change them according to circumstances. But the vision is always there, shinning my way, guiding me through darkness times and the unknown. It is what dissolves confusion.

On this pathway, I believe happiness will unravel naturally, piece by piece, step by step. 

I think I can imagine a lot of things and feelings I haven’t experienced yet. Why not also happiness?

If I create myself a climate for happiness, chances that one day I will emerge with it are real. By creating a climate for happiness, I create the possibility for it.

You can create your own climate for happiness by integrating your own diversity of skills, talents and dreams, the things that motivate you, the things you love doing, into a tailored design or concept.

Even if you live turbulent, confusing or depressed times and you feel there is nothing that could motivate you to wake up in the morning, if you really want to live in the material world, you should know there is always something. A seed of something that makes you tick.

Grab that seed and invest in it. Don’t let any day to fade away without feeding it. Give that seed a chance to become. Give your winning self a chance to be.

Even if you don’t know what that something is, by just asking yourself this question on a daily basis, you already started to design an answer, a vision.

My helping question to make myself clear in front of myself in times like these is always related to money just to prove myself that my happiness has nothing to do with it, that I have so much to work on it and none of it requires a dollar.

“If I had now $ 10.000, what I want to do precisely? What about $100.000? What about $1.000.000? How will my happiness look like in details?”

It is said we have to choose ourselves. This mindset is too abstract for my taste, it is lacking precision, clarity. The truth is you don’t know what you know and what you are today is much less than what you will be tomorrow.

It is also said we have to become who we are. According to this mindset, who we are is predetermined, unchangeable, irrevocable and irreversible; and sooner or later everything you are breaks down to that, assuming you have a clue about it. Do you really believe that? I don’t.

I believe I can become whoever I choose, I believe that I can redesign myself endless times in endless forms. I believe my potential is infinite on all directions, and so is universe and my life. I think there is nothing predetermined about me.

If I fall thousands of imaginary miles in the depths on life, that is only the mirror of how much I can bounce back, the mirror and the proof of my potential. If I fail 100 times that only means I can succeed at least 100 times. If I cannot grow in the exterior due to difficult circumstances, I can grow in my interior and prepare myself as much as possible when the first exit door unravels, if I don’t create it myself by then. 

It is said that happiness is a state of mind or that you can find it in little things. At least from time to time.

It is also said that the happiness is in ourselves. I don’t believe that. I lived a life that had nothing to do with happiness. That self of mine has no clue what that is, it has no point of reference for happiness. I think that if you are interested in happiness, you have to design it, and you can start by simply imagining it. You may be wrong a few times, but it is all part of the designing process.

My interest in happiness started not during my emotional bleedings, but one day when I realized that I am not able to write a story with a happy end.

I asked my self:

Why not?

Is it because I don’t believe in happy endings or because I do not know what a happy ending is?

If I don’t believe, is it because I was raised in such template, because I was influenced by all the bad things that happened in my life? It cannot be just by default. If I don’t know, why and what am I waiting for?

Happiness is an infrastructure.

It is the infrastructure that allows you to be who you want to be.

It is built of both little and spectacular things.

Sometimes, we are not provided with that infrastructure, or the infrastructure provided is not enough for our inner callings, dreams and needs. We have to created it. Once we start working on it, I believe we will be able to feel it and live it every day.

The more we create, the happier we are, the clearer our horizon is.

Create your own. The whole design is in your hands.

Watch below Hitchcock’s Definition of Happiness:


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