Download the music that plays in your mind. How artificial intelligence will change the music industry.

Download the music that plays in your mind. How artificial intelligence will change the music industry.

The artificial intelligence applied in music industry may happen in many ways, but one of them shows me a world where all people will be able to express themselves through music.

One of the next big things (and possible also a one of a hell challenge for the music industry) is an application that helps  all people to be able to compose music without having knowledge of how to do that. Or better put it, to turn their singing thoughts into real music.

It will also be a highly therapeutic and self-exploring app because through it we’ll be able to express suppressed emotions and to communicate better. On short, we’ll extend beyond a little bit more and hopefully, we’ll also be able to revive a lost connection: the one between heart and mind.

The best part of this musical application based on artificial intelligence is that the whole point of it, it is not for us, ordinary folks to make music, but to download the music that plays in our heads without being musicians. To breathe a little bit better. But most fascinating, to reach places we’ve never thought possible.

Now we have speech recognition. You speak words and a machine can understand, copy, reply. It gets better and better each day.

Tomorrow we’ll sing in the shower or in our car and this application will capture the musical notes, process them and gets back to us with real compositions of our voice singing, with real orchestras playing the music from our heads. Can you hear it?

In terms of capabilities, Shazam is already doing that, but with recorded songs. With music already made. 

The next app will recognize musical notes from people’s voices and will put them together in well crafted musical compositions.

The present AI apps focus on getting creative and making music, writing, etc. It’s nice and maybe good for future new businesses, but focusing AI on capturing human creativity to allow people to live from it, to offer them a new venue of being, working, that’s much more interesting that hearing a machine singing a song or being able to compose a piece of music together with a person.

I have a folder with a lot of “voice singing” (you don’t want to hear it, trust me), but I do that just to record the songs or pieces of music that form in my mind or during night dreams because they don’t exist yet and because I don’t want to lose them.

Tomorrow, when I or another will make that application, all my poor songs will instantly become good songs. In a matter of seconds or minutes, my voice singing recordings will turn into real music. Tomorrow I can have material for a real album or much more.

Imagine that.

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