Depression and my one thing for hope. What if there is no blue box?

Depression and my one thing for hope. What if there is no blue box?

Nothing frustrated me more during my crisis and darkest times than being told “Life is beautiful!”.

In such moments, my need is not having my reality invalidated or ignored, but having it understood, seen and heard. We need empathy, not theory.

My technique for designing hope and ways out of crisis is questioning everything with curiosity.

Curiosity awakens and keeps alive my motivation. I constantly remind myself to not see one stage of life or personal development as being ultimate.

For me, depression turned out to be part of the solution, not a problem. My private coach, teacher and best friend.

See below a video I made for „Global Health Challenge” launched by iFred as a campaign called „One Thing for Hope” on crowdsourcing platform HeroX.  They plan to showcase some of the current entries at the Global Mental Health Movement Conference in South Africa to give applicants some encouragement and gratitude for their message, and share it with the world! They also plan to vote June 1-10, 2018 and then showcase the winning videos at Mental Health America’s conference June 14-16.

If you wish to say your one thing for hope and take part in this contest, this is where you can find more details. Submission deadline: May 31st, 2018. Prizes: 1000$(1st), 500$(2nd) and 250$(3rd).

Here is my submission:

Rise above depression and those days when the world is getting you down.

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