What you do when you feel lost? Answer to win $1,000.

What is your one thing for hope? A 1,000 dollars question.


What is your one thing for hope?

„Help others create, maintain, and sustain hope by creating a 30 second video or written summary of what YOU do in your darkest hour to get through that period of hopelessness and work to get back to a hopeful state of mind. Is it music? A friend? Deep breathing? Or something else? Share with the world so when they need some inspiration, they can use your technique to find their strength to hold on for brighter days. As those brighter days always do come.”

The Global Health Challenge launched by ifred (International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression) onHeroxis designed to help others and each other to rise above depression and those days when the world is getting you down.

Deadline May 31st 2018.
The winner earns 1000$ and his/her video or submission will be exposed at Global Health Movement Conference in South…

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