Diving in the Woodstock of developers

Diving in new worlds. We Are Developers world congress 2018. Or The Woodstock of Developers.

I enrolled myself as a volunteer in the production of a world summit that takes place in Vienna in May. It’s We Are Developers 2018 global event. I am quite experienced in the field of film, tv and themed events production, but I have never been part in a world congress production or other big scale event.

I don’t think there are too many things to surprise me on the production side of things, but I am sure I can find a lot of interesting things to shape and upgrade my skills and to inspire me, mostly to learn about a world I am a part of in a twisted way. I developed a few award-winning tech based solutions in the last years, but not because I am a developer (in the IT sense), but because I am a strategist and a good operations performer, and maybe because also of my entrepreneurial and business nature. I can see holes in markets and markets in holes and that proved more important in delivering winning solutions than knowing how to code. A skill I probably should start learning at some point.

This Woodstock of Developers, as the organizers branded it, “brings together 8,000 techies from 70 countries for 72-hours of pure dev-fun, with more than 150 of the brightest minds in tech and the largest playground for developers in Europe. The congress is an expo and playground for web, mobile and software developers where companies, speakers and attendees network and share their expertise on topics such as AR/VR, E-mobility, AI, IoT and robotics.”

I’ll spend there about a week with prep and production and I’ll be part of a team about 200++ people from all over. The scene is the Austria Center Vienna, the former UN congress center and Austria’s first green conference center.

Besides just upgrading my productions skills, I also have some more personal goals with this move.

During these weeks I also work at a challenge about building empathy through virtual reality gaming based applications, so I think WAD is good venue to find inspiration to upgrade the solution I am working on. If it breaks through, the award will help me accelerate the solutions to some older problems.

Another goal is to connect with smarter people than myself and to explore working and business opportunities, but also to take the pulse of the future from a new angle.

I am hunting a job called “Agile coach”. Despite its fancy name, it’s really nothing else but coaching a team of software developers or gamers to perform at their best potential. I think I am pretty good at that. Unlocking people’s potential and unleashing superheroes is very much part of my story. In fact, I also have a few awards on this theme.

I am also going there to figure out if what I have in mind for the Bounce Back Camp story will benefit also the developers community, but to also see what else I can find to better calibrate its start.

By exploring this new world I hope to also come back with some new content for We Are Solvers, my tribe of open innovation award-winning problem solvers, but to also meet winning solvers there to bring in more interviews on the platform. In many ways, these two worlds are interconnected. Many solvers are developers and many developers are solvers while the goal is the same: designing better solutions to problems, new markets and opportunities.

As I am gonna work, I’m not sure how well I will be able to cover this experience with videos, but I’ll find a way to come back with some good stuff. 

If you attend this event and want to meet in Wien this May, let me know.

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