Forget about Olympics. Space games are here!

Do you think Olympic Games are the top of the mountain? Well, Space Games are here!

Happy to let you know that my friend Michael Ricciardi ’s action game ‘Zero-Gordian: the knottiest game in space’ made it to the ‘Sweet 16’ – the Space Game Federation list of top talented engineering visioneers who will compete further in this historic competition.

Space Games Federation is the first and only international governing body seeking to organize and sanction competitive sports and games played in zero and micro gravity. Honoring the history and expertise of NASA supporting the latest advancements in private space ventures and technology, SGF offers the human race the unprecedented opportunity to engage in a unique fusion of Space and Athletics. 

Congratulations Michael! And thank you for choosing me to be part of this beautiful story in the video side of things. You are a magician!

Here is the official video announcement on Space Game Federation website.

And here is Michael’s space game concept:


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