Camino del Sol | Lava Heart

Camino del Sol | Lava Heart

The beginning of a different story

‘Camino del Sol’ is a new book that is available on all Amazon websites, paperback and kindle formats, starting from … well, today! It is a collection of tales, short prose. The first part from this collection has 34 pages and its name is ‘Lava Heart’. 

In case you ever buy it, your review will make me very happy.

Thank you in advance!



There is not an electrifying chemistry between us. There is only a sweet inertia. Chemistry went out of my question and I was not there to stop its departure. I am no longer a human. I am a creature. Turned into ashes by its own fire. God may not even remember my name.

This evening predicts an emotionless human interaction.

She is here. I am here.
I can feel her calling. The other side of her fluid sexuality shows its full face. No make-up. No masks.

She wants me to hunt her.
I stopped feeding my hunger long time ago.

There is a gap between the ‘Why not?’ question and its possible answers.

I think too much.
“You think too much”

She is getting closer.
I am getting closer.
Gently. In my head. In her head, I attack her like a beast. She fears me.
She stops.
I do not.

In my head, I caress her.
In her head, I aggress her.
I do not understand her play.
I think too much.
“You think too much.”

She is getting closer.
I don’t.

She always had beautiful hair. Long. Rich. Generous. Red. It is the secret of her power. Once, she had to cut it. She suffered tremendously. She cried for days.

“What happened with your tenderness?” A gap filled with more words. She asks.
I did not expect to see myself in this mirror. I had no clue I am disabled.

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