The world changes continuously. You can change together or not.

Whether it is about life or business, change is not optional. The world changes continuously. It’s a living creature. You can change together or not. What is somehow optional is the moment you choose to turn the page. How you turn it, that’s another story.

There are two types of scenarios I met during my experience, readings and observations:

1) Expensive: to change where there are no other options available. Meaning, when crisis hits. This line of story involves a problematic damage control and modest odds for life and business continuity in good conditions.

2) Profitable: to change continuously. In this paradigm, there are no crisis, just problems to solve. This story offers more generous chances for good damage control and odds for continuity in reasonable or even better conditions than before.

Many people perceive change as something radical, like replacing something with something else they want less. They see it through the lenses of exclusion. But if you think about it, change happens with constant small adjustments and with integration. It is a matter of fine-tuning.

The best change management approach is when people don’t feel it, when they go with it as a boat on clear waters. When it’s natural.

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