Boost your resilience and success with this award-winning leadership culture course for small business owners, decision makers and first-time entrepreneurs.

„XCulture | How superheroes are born”

is an award-winning leadership culture training program to boost the successes and resilience of small business owners, decision makers, first-time entrepreneurs, and youngsters who have the insane dream to walk on their own pathway of life.

„XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born” is an award-winning leadership culture training program designed to boost the success and resilience of small business owners, but also of first time entrepreneurs, decision makers, and youngsters who have the insane dream to walk on their own pathway of life. The course has 3 core sections: Strategy, Leadership and Culture, and 15 lectures overall. Its video version has also the 4th section covered by 4 lectures. 

In the video below it is me introducing my video course and myself, a piece I’ve made as part of my program presentation on Udemy.

I am hoping it will be helpful for everyone who are in the midst of changes, crisis, complex challenges in their private or small businesses, but also looking to gain more clarity and precision, but also to access more of their potential as leaders and decision makers.

It is the encounters with talented and passionate youngsters who want to live and thrive in the wilder business world (and who will also have not so many alternatives on the background of automation) that unlocked me to do this training program, but also the ones with DIY, small business owners and first-time entrepreneurs who struggle so much in the new corporate entrepreneurship venues like startup accelerators, innovation labs, etc to rise above the challenges that digital/technology revolutions and globalization bring in.

In my worst times, I needed like air a precise map for action and thinking to overcome critical challenges and adversities and to save time and resources, to set me on the right path. I couldn’t find one to resonate with.  Maybe we weren’t as connected as we are today, I don’t know. They were whether done by people who never walked the pathway I was walking on or never been on the depths I was trying to get myself out of, by people who were in a different spot than I was, or by people who weren’t spiritual enough to give me the clarity, orientation and strength that I needed. So, now I decided to give my 2 cents to the world, to my tribe.

As part of my XCulture course and book promotion, I am going to spend 1 hour one-on-one with the first 100 ‘students’ – on issues related to their businesses and challenges – who will post their reviews of my XCulture course on Udemy and Amazon websites.


Benefit of a reduced price of $11.99 (instead of $19.99) by accessing your superhero discount coupon HERE


If you want to have also the „XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born” book in your library, you can find it on all Amazon websitesin both kindle and paperback formats.

So, if you are insane enough to walk on your own path of life, then you may find my XCulture video course the missing link in your adventures.

Enjoy it! Use it and abuse it, please! :)

Looking forward to connecting with you!

P.S. I did the production myself. It was a hustle to be all departments (sound, camera, lights etc), but being Jack of all Trades is part of the story. Eventually it all worked out, I learnt new things, I bought new things, and I also think the outcome is quite decent. My small video production studio needs more upgrades, as I plan to come up with more courses in the future, but this one is for the next episodes.

Leave a reply or two. Or your testimonials if you ever worked or interacted with me.

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