How can you improve your problem solving abilities? Answer from a serial awarded problem solver.

How can you improve your problem solving abilities?

Answer from a serial awarded problem solver.

As a serial awarded problem solver in the wild open innovation problem solving competitions and after a lifetime experience on hands-on management, I can tell you that only by practice you can skyrocket your problem solving skills and mindset. You have to step in the arena and train with the lions.

Theories and readings are nice and some offer also good guidance, but they only work effectively when you are actually doing the work, when they find you at work, so you can apply in real time their 2 cents.

So, my advice is to enroll yourself in OI platforms (i.e. Innocentive, HeroX, OpenIdeo etc) & crowdsourcing competitions and to start playing the problem solving game. It will change your perspective at many levels. It will also bring you with the feet on the ground, a thing that improve consistently your precision.

You can find more about what prolific problem solvers have to say about this game and how they ended up being awarded for solving grand and very difficult problems by watching my We Are Solvers video production (interviews with worldwide award-winning problem solvers peers) at We Are Solvers

You can also use my book Rise Above The Crowd’ to get some inspiration and learn how someone can turn his/her life around on the problem solving pathway, but also some highlights meant to help you rise above the crowd with your solutions and win more problem solving global competitions.

My video course ‘XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born” is also very much about shaping the culture one needs to break through in our hyper competitive world.

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