What do you do to get over the feeling of ‘wasted potential’?

People who have considered themselves „wasted potential” at one point in life, what have you done to get past this feeling?

…someone asks on quora.

‘Wasted potential’ means, more often than not, uncentered potential. Many people feel they are not particularly good at anything and that feeling paralyses their execution/action capacity, but that is a false feeling. We live in a more complex world than any of our predecessors, ours is a multidimensional world, more complex.

You don’t have to invent the wheel or to be on top of social media to escape this feeling, it is enough to do things your way, to make fusions from the existing things, to play with them. Through your hands, they’ll be unique blends, unique formulas and solutions. Just like singers make with covers, they take songs they like to a totally different level.

Dive in to unlock your XFactor and then build on it. Your XFactor is your DNA, it is a fusion of unique traits that makes you, YOU. You’ll begin to unlock it by refining and aligning your values, intentions and motivations. Once that alignment is one that brings you peace inside, in that particular moment also your life vision becomes clearer and you’ll naturally know what to do and how. Your vision will lead your way.

The fact that you don’t have that peace is a good sign, don’t beat yourself up. It means you are looking for ways out, that you are already working on it. Don’t stop. You’ll get there.

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