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intelconnector | $ 2.500

Superior Guidance 

With intelconnector domain name, you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life and business you dream about.
Keywords for intelconnector domain:
• connecting intelligence
• reward intelligence
• making intelligence matter
• connecting smart information in useful ways
Potential applicabilities for intelconnector domain:
• connecting innovations 
• clinical trials
• research platforms on IQ and human behaviour
• smart games and tests
• smart shopping
• AI platform
  • connecting existing problems with existing solutions
  • due diligence international service (i.e business verifications) 

Pluses for intelconnector domain:

  • it is a stand alone brand 
  • it has the .com extension
  • one-word web domain name: it is short and easy to pronounce 
  • it is specific in a broad way (generous)
  • has the sound of a unicorn
In present domain is hosted on WordPress and has a website on it that shares money-making opportunities and venues for DIY, freelancers, problem solvers and small business owners.
Its selling price starts from $2,500. 
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