The road to Playa El Bollullo

You may find yourself at crossroads, as I find myself very often. I am away from my home country, in Tenerife – the Island of Eternal Spring – where I set my second home years ago. I come, I go, I come again. We have a complicated relationship or maybe my relationship with Romania, my home country, is the one that’s complicated. 

You may not know what to do and where to, how to rise again from ground, how to push forward, how to start a business with no resources, how to enjoy life while being overwhelmed by pressure, stress and unknown, and all sorts of contemporary dilemmas and feelings like these. In such days, I taught myself to just get out and explore new places where I am. To allow myself to feel something different and sometimes to just let go.

Valley Orotava

Today I went out to find Playa El Bollullo, a wild black beach right near the beautiful city of Puerto de la Cruz, a stunning location…

… but also a magical route for biking and outdoor activities.

This island is a healing place, a natural spa. It just does not let you sink. Its climate does wonders with one’s state of healthcare.

A cinematic place. 

One thing that made me wonder was seeing very old people on this road. Some of them couldn’t walk without extra helping devices. Their condition did not stop them to do their daily walking in their own rhythm. It was like the beauty of this corner gave them superpowers. 

The Road to Playa El Bollullo

The road to Playa El Bollullo is one that leads you to a contrast made of very expensive properties, bananas plantations (plataneras) and ruins of old settlements.

Realm of lizards of all colours.

While softly hiking on this sunny road, wondering about the magic light that breaks out of plataneras, you will hear all sorts of sounds made by creatures you cannot see.

Sometimes they are birds, sometimes they are mice, but most of the times they are lizards. You see them only if you want to see them. And once you start seeing one, you begin to see them everywhere. The closest you get to the ocean, the more you see. They love the sun.

A romantic journey.

If you are in love and looking for an inspiring place to integrate your romantic story, Puerto de la Cruz is that place. The island itself is a spot for honeymoons, relationships revivals and romantic vacations.

If you want to explore also the plataneras, they are open to have a sneak peek and if you are lucky, you may also meet nice people working there willing to show you a few things or to answer your questions. Some plataneras on the island also opened their gates to public, so people can live „the banana experience”.

In the proximity of Playa El Bollullo you can experience the most intense fusion of green and blue you have ever seen and its effect on you. It cannot be described in words, it’s something you can only feel by living it.

Playa El Bollullo

It was two days after a big storm on the island, days where the ocean was furious and restless destroying coastal buildings and city of Garachico. The red flag was up and the beaches here closed, including the bar. Still, the cafeteria above was open and fully occupied.

Playa El Bollullo from Puerto de la Cruz (Orotava Valley)

This picture overviews the city of Puerto de la Cruz and the pick of mount Teide covered by springy clouds.

The cactuses are trees, not the type you can bring home.

On the way to the beach you cross a zone with ruins of an old settlement, an old system of agriculture and irrigation. A very cinematic view and a location that might appeal to filmmakers and videographers.

to Playa El Bollullo
beach view from the cliffs

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

If you are looking for a place to put yourself together, to heal or to find inspiration, this is one of the best choices, at 4-5 hours away from any European capital.

This is also where I shoot in my small studio the XCulture video course (Patterns For Success. XCulture: How Superheroes are born) , one that may be your friend in need and a source of inspiration in your endeavours.

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