Scott Moodie from United States. More than a musician.

Scott Moodie. More than a musician.

Scott Moodie became a friend like no other while time was doing its thing. We met accidentally through common, yet unusual circumstances.

He was generous enough to allow me to use some of his music creations on my animation show Piper. I wanted original good music for the show and I found his music perfect for some of Piper’s moods and moments.

He writes the lyrics of his songs, he makes the music, he builds instruments, he’s engineering the sounds and he constantly innovates with new sounds and compositions. He also collaborates with other musicians in their endeavours.

I became addicted to his music instantly due to his unique talent to mix sadness with hope and joy, to say in music what we cannot say in words.

Here there are two of his songs in two Piper’s moments. One is a love poem I wrote (I dreamt) and recited by Piper on his Thai song, the other one, Tired Gypsy, is a soundtrack for a surreal moment where Piper experiences a dream-like moment when she tells how she feels in strange days like this (Strange Days).

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