Why would you hire a business coach, and what would you want to learn from them?

Someone asked on Quora: Why would you hire a business coach, and what would you want to learn from them?

This is one of those wrongly asked questions, however it indicates a person who already walks on a better pathway. 

This is how I stand on this one:

In my particular area of coaching (which is mostly crisis, problem solving and walking in the unknown), I live to beat the odds and I teach the same.

People want me to join them in the arena for my clarity to see through confusion & chaos and my capacity to surgically cut the clutter and dive into the roots of problems, things born from a lifetime of operations and overcoming difficult business and life challenges by innovating my way out of crisis. But also things that substantially uplift decision-making process.

The people in my case know precisely where they are and even if they don’t know with the same precision where they wanna go, they know for sure they want to conquer their condition.

I’m just there to refine the clarity of the pathway and destination, showing them where to look to find their keys and solutions, how to overcome their fears of the unknown, challenge their thinking paradigm and ask questions in ways they never thought of or expected. I don’t do their work and I’m not the pampering type.

I treat this talent of mine that brought me very far from my premises and helped me break impossible barriers as a gift and I am happy to say that I afford the emotional and mental luxury to practice it forward the same. 

I don’t charge my ‘clients’ even if sometimes I need the money, the quality of relationships we develop and the potential opportunities that may come in return when I least expect it, holds more value for me than charging a fee.

To be fully honest, I wouldn’t even know how to quantify the value of my service. By scanning a situation and showing them where to look to best approach a situation, I helped people avoid big money losses that would have ruined their life, I helped others amplify their negotiations outcomes and get way above what they hoped for, I helped others to recover prejudices when all the odds were against it (like recovering money from online scammers or material losses in conflicts) and many other things that are hard to wear an hourly price tag. Depending from country to country, a business coach gets paid from 3000 E/$ / month to millions, depending on the scale s/he performs. So, I know somehow how the world goes in this area.

Some of them gave me a % from their winnings/new fortune, others didn’t even considered it, others returned the favour through other opportunities. I never expected something in return, because I faced very hard times in life when I was desperate and couldn’t afford even a glass of water and wished there was someone who did that for me. 

There was not, so I had to become that someone by boosting my clarity, speed and precision through becoming more intelligent, innovative and creative. On this pathway, achievements way above my presumed condition started to happen.

This does not mean I am a sort of unconditional love practitioner, I am too selfish and practical for that.  I’m just a long term thinker, a strategist.

So, if I were to specifically answer this question, there are many types of coaches addressing various levels and facets of life & business in a diversity of more or less specific ways.

You hire a coach not to teach you something or help you heal from something (there are specific specialists for that), but to have a reliable and complementary companion in the decision-making & choosing processes on the challenging road ahead, one that most often than not goes through a lot of unknown, unexpected, unpredicted, wild and dark places.


I found relevant also the answer of a man called Carl Dierschow, Business Coach for leaders who are changing the world!, as he profiled his web appearance:

„Good question, but you’re asking it backwards. First, figure out what you want to learn, to develop, to work through – THEN look for a coach who will help you through that.

Coaches might have a particular domain of expertise such as:

  • Expanding your market presence
  • Managing the business basics
  • Creating and leading a great team of employees
  • Working with new startup entrepreneurs
  • Retiring from the business you own

There are fuzzy lines between consulting, coaching and mentoring. Typically consulting is primarily about teaching you what somebody knows. Mentoring is about having you follow the path that the mentor has already blazed.

And coaching is primarily about YOU. Helping you get past your own barriers. Developing new skills. Keeping on track.

That’s one reason why coaching is hard to describe, because it’s constantly adapting to the needs of each client. So first work on identifying your areas of need. That will help you identify which kind of person you’d like to work with.”

Leave a reply or two. Or your testimonials if you ever worked or interacted with me.

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