I’m Georgia and I live to beat the odds. I’ve been a small business owner for ten years, freelancer for another ten, and eventually I ‘settled’ for solopreneur, a formula that seems to better define my identity (or insanity).

Here, I write down my insights about life as a Jack of all Trades and about resilience. 

Whenever there’s an impossible mission in town or one that’s so risky for the management image that nobody wants,  people usually call me. I am also a good catch also for creative and talented individuals who want to work with me in their personal management area, to help them develop their opportunities around their talents, but to also help them plan and implement a business. I also love to get dirty, the reason I was probably born for operations and for hands-on management.

I come from a rough childhood and path of life, and during my journey crowded with twists and turns I became an expert in rising above my condition and life adversities. Almost passionate about beating the odds and defeating statistics. Humans resilience and creative capabilities fascinate me.

I live and work in both Bucharest, Romania and Tenerife, Spain, but also wherever the job or my new businesses take me. 

After each leading role I play in my own endeavours or third parties businesses, I use to join volunteering teams in various projects just to take a break from the hyper-stress that comes with leading roles, to learn new things, to interact with motivated people and to keep myself in good shape.

My video podcast is Piper Animation Show – a resilience coaching creative video cast which integrates film and animation techniques, creative writing and modern technologies to help people experience storytelling in inspiring and mind opening ways.  I hope it will prove relevant for you and that you’ll subscribe to it. You can also become Piper’s Patron, if you like.

Hoping we ‘ll inspire each other,



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