I’m Georgia and I live to beat the odds. I’ve been a small business owner for over ten years, and tv producer and serial awarded problem solver in the high competitive open innovation market since 2010.

I empower small and first time entrepreneurs, business owners and decision makers to increase execution and resilience capabilities, to find creative solutions to problems with available means, to plan and optimize operations and projects implementation, and to design audience winning pitches and business presentations by using design thinking, strategic thinking, video production and digital media venues.

I live and work in Bucharest, Romania and wherever the job or my new businesses take me. 

My books:

  • XCulture – How Superheroes Are Bornan awarded leadership and training program designed to boost the resilience and success of first time entrepreneurs, DIY and small business owners in a globalized world.
  • Rise Above The Crowd: my monograph and my journey from bankruptcy to becoming a world designer. 

Both books are available on all Amazon websites, paperback and kindle options. English version only.

Hoping we will inspire each other,



CV: CV Georgia Mihalcea 2018