I published three books between 2017 and 2018: Camino del Sol, XCulture and Rise Above the Crowd.

They are available in English (for now) on all Amazon international websites in two formats (print and online):

Paperback format:

Kindle format:

Camino del Sol | Lava Heart

Description: Tales about a heart falling together.

XCulture | How Superheroes Are Born


Business is a story with unclear ending. Dreaming to be small proves to be a big dream today. 

“XCulture | How Superheroes Are Born” is an awarded leadership and training program designed to boost the resilience and success of new entrepreneurs, DIY and small business owners in a globalized world. 

An estimated 1 billion individuals in both developed and developing nations can be defined as necessity entrepreneurs; individuals who have no other viable option for licit income than to start a small, income-generating activity. 

In this more and more complex world, fewer than 80% of new and small businesses survive their first year, and at five years, the survival rate drops below 50%. And not because of the lack of sweat, motivation, enthusiasm, nerve, ingenuity and bravery. 

The book has a strong coaching vibe, it highlights also pieces of the author’s very difficult pathway as a necessity entrepreneur and small business owner.

This practical guide is part of Bounce Back Collection, a map to better places. 

If you feel you are part of this tribe, then this book is for you.

Rise Above the Crowd


“Rise Above The Crowd” is a story about beating the odds and about how self-redesign directly impacts the world. What if your entire life depends on being the first and the best from thousands and even millions of people from all around the world to win another day of your life?

‘Georgia Mihalcea’s monograph ‘Rise Above The Crowd‘ over-flows with authenticity. Through a series of short chapters — introduced by her original, inspirational (at times poetic) insights on the themes of work, perseverance, finding purpose, creativity, and more — we are given a textual and visual tour of her real-life emergence from a seemingly hopeless and uncertain past world (post collapse of Communism) into a confident and accomplished future of “open innovation challenge solving”.’ (Review by Michael Ricciardi, USA)

‘This book is a motivational essay and I would say, ‘une maniere de vivre’. (Review by Corina Cretu, Romania)