Business ideas secured through premium web domain names. Now on sale.

Over the years I had this habit to secure my business ideas through buying premium web domains. Where it was possible, I tried to also brand them from their URL phase. With time, it became a small collection of international .com domains.

I never intended to sell them, but life changed and I decided to change together. In fact, I was so unfocused on this topic, that I also lost a few that were previously sold on the domain market with over $2,500. Not bad.

Recently I bought a new bulk of domains to complete my collection – as part of my fundraising strategy for my new non-digital affair in the business tourism area. An international location designed for business people, top decision-makers and entrepreneurs to bounce back faster through smart networking and programs, revitalization and rejuvenation. A grassroots business, something I haven’t done for a while, but something that I needed in my difficult times and something that I know people of this tribe need.

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