Patterns For Success XCulture. Activate Your Superhero.

Patterns For Success XCulture. 

„Patterns for Success XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born” is a 9-module leadership resilience program for start-ups, freelancers, DIY (do-it-yourself) and small business owners (applicable also for everyday life) structured in three categories: Strategy, Leadership, and Culture.

Product Information

  • Paperback: 44 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (15 July 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN 10: 1717747329
  • ISBN 13: 978-1717747327
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  • Size and / or weight: 21.6 x 0.3 x 27.9 cm


The guide patterns for success program is structured on 9 independent and interrelated modules, 3 modules for each success category: Strategy, Leadership, and Culture.

The guide was awarded at Culture success category during Patterns For Success global challenge by a US consortium of organizations that launched the competition for best programs on crowdsourcing platform HeroX.

Its purpose is to offer a better answer to the adversities entrepreneurs face by providing an applicable set of tools and uniquely valuable insight into strategic thinking, leadership, and projection of the optimism they have within.​ In 2018 the book became also a video course you can buy on Udemy for 19.00$

​Modules structure | Patterns For Success XCulture

Success Category: STRATEGY

  • Module 1: Competitive Advantage
  • Module 2: Branding Your Vision
  • Module 3: Selling to Generate New Customers

Success Category: LEADERSHIP

  • Module 4: Mapping New Territories
  • Module 5: Key Partnerships
  • Module 6: Commanding Presence

Success Category: CULTURE  (awarded design)

  • Module 7: Creating Great Company Culture
  • Module 8: Simplicity
  • Module 9: Work-Life Balance and Stress Management

Patterns For Success XCulture | How Superheroes Are Born (in its original form being two separate responses to Patterns for Success and Unleash Your Superhero challenges in 2016 and 2017) received the grand prize award for the most inspiring and resilient culture program designed for new entrepreneurs, DIY, and small business owners by one from this tribe. It competed against 134 programs proposals from all corners of the world.

Excerpt Patterns For Success XCulture

from „The plan before the plan. Sharping precision.” (I. Strategy | Module 1)

To thrive in the mechanisms of life we must collaborate with the systems, to incorporate our visions and business plans in the bigger plans, to be always on and ready to respond to attacks and crisis situations, but to also resist and challenge the system when it becomes abusive or when it goes wrong or redundant.

We must find out what are the plans of the bigger strategists, how do they think, what are their rationales and how the system really works. To understand the mechanisms of the arena. That place where we want to conquer with our small business, with our product or service.

This type of knowledge gives us the golden keys to a much better and precise way of acting, to better chances for success.

Small businesses are always on the first line of fire.

As players in the first line of fire, because we do not have saviors to pay for our errors and failures, and because our lives depend on our quality of performance, we need to learn more than anyone else. We need to invest more from our time and resources in learning and experimenting.

We also have the moral obligation to react when other players cross the lines and cause us damage. You may wonder why probably. Everybody wonders when it comes to this. But think about it.

If not us, then who? Who will protect the borderlines and who will push them further and further? We are hyper action people, seldom with available time to also do good directly, personally. From this perspective, the best chance we have, to do good, is to turn into warriors fighting against wrongdoings. It is the only way we have, to contribute to the greater good.

On another note, do the Math. If one crosses the line with your small business, it hits in everyone else, it hits in the society, it hits in your family and in all the people, employees or contractors, who depend on your decisions and capabilities to make things work always.