Free access to watch my XCulture video course for 20 passionate self-learners. Plus 7 nights vacation in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain challenge bonus.

Hello e-friends,

I recently published my first video course on Udemy – ‘XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born’, an award-winning leadership culture training program designed to boost the success and resilience of small business owners, startup and first time entrepreneurs, decision makers, and youngsters who have the insane dream to walk on their own pathway of life :)

The course has 3 core sections: Strategy, Leadership and Culture, covered by 15 lectures overall. Its video version has also the 4th section covered by 4 lectures, Unlock Your XFactor. ‘XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born’ is both a book and a video course.

In its initial form, it was awarded at Culture category during a global competition called ‘Patterns for Success’ launched by an U.S.A. business trust on the open innovation and crowdsourcing platform HeroX. It rose above almost 140 submissions from all corners of the world, so I think that says the essentials.

If you are insane enough to walk on, and design your own path of life, then you may find my XCulture video course the missing link in your adventurous journey.


20 Udemy coupons to watch for free my XCulture video course in exchange for your reviews by 30 September 2018


I am only interested in people who are really passionate and interested about business and (social) entrepreneurship, students, small business owners, DIY, decision-makers, start-up and first-time entrepreneurs, as this is my tribe.  Or, people who love to explore things outside their familiar and comfort zones. People who are passionate about learning and continuous self-development, and who want to add up to their strategic and leadership culture mindset.

I am not so interested in sales at this point, as I am interested to connect with people alike and to allow naturally a valuable community to form around it, one where we can inspire and guide each other.

I want the reviews to be honest and real, because they will be helpful for others who are looking for this kind of material. If they are positive, great. If they are less positive, that’s great, too. In both cases, some rationales for your feedback may prove helpful for everyone.


If my course is of interest to you, then please let me know by commenting to this post (as part of a quick due-diligence selection process):

  • a link to your website/blog or LinkedIn profile
  • your email address for the free access link to XCulture course (on my email
  • a quick Hello:  who you are, where do you live and what you do
  • say if you are in for the challenge bonus


This start-up free access for reviews promotion closes at 30 September 2018.

Challenge bonus – 7 nights vacation in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you are an influencer (professor/entrepreneur/smart social monkey etc) who can bring in 100 good quality buyers’ reviews for my XCulture course and 100 reviews for my XCulture book on Amazon, I am offering you a 7-nights accomodation at a 4-star hotel for two (though, I suggest a rural – typical Canaria style – hotel for the sake of cultural experience) in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. And a nice dinner out! Flight tickets and pocket money are on you.

To ease this challenge for you, I put on the table a discounted price coupon for the video course to incentivize your network, a special price of $11.99 instead of $19.99 its listing price. 

The deadline for the challenge bonus is 31 December 2018. The fastest you reach the challenge goal, the better.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you!

With friendship,


P.S. In the video below it is me introducing myself and the course. 

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