Revenue generating activity. You never know what piece of content will turn your life around.

I subscribed once to a website called Freedom With Writing. They list constantly updated paid writing opportunities for people who want to make a living from writing, from writing jobs to writing contests.

They are English leads to U.S.A. and Canada, covering blogs to publishers and all sorts of magazines who pay for a variety of topics and formats, from essays to … whatever you can think of.

… like this one, 7 Magazines that Pay Writers $100+ Per Article .

Their activity is clear and straightforward, and it becomes crystal clear with their subscribing message „We send you writing jobs”

It is more like a listing small website with leads to paid writing opportunities. They also added a free writing helping tool called Grammarly to improve your grammar and style overall.

Your writing at its best.

That’s what Grammarly says it’s all about. Great unique selling proposition. „Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.”

You may test these opportunities by writing 80% for your stuff and 20% on these venues.

I don’t live in the right country for many of these unique chances, my English is not my first language and with so many multicultural interactions as a producer and entrepreneur, I also lost my British accent and part of my knowledge. But if English is your thing, native or not, why not?

Go give it a try, you may discover things you never imagined, it may be a pathway that may prove the one defining your meaning and one you can live from. Here’s a short list of why you should try such venue, if you like writing:

  • It is challenging to write about things outside your comfort zone
  • You sharpen your writing skills, meaning thinking at the core
  • You become more focused and structured
  • You develop the simplicity skill which is vital in both life and business
  • You will read much more meaning you will write more
  • Only your imagination is the limit :)

You never know what piece of content will turn your life around.

Not so many people understand the importance of content. Even less have faith in their XFactor, in their unique fusion of traits and perspective of life. They are too perfectionists, and perfectionism paralyzes action/execution.

One asked today on quora „What was the thing that always pushed your life forward?”

It took me less than a second to answer it: Execution. So, don’t let perfectionism and lack of confidence (because you are not a writer in the conventional sense of the world) to stand in your way. Start acting towards your calling now.

It does not matter you will write for a while things you don’t like a lot, all it matters is to become elastic, flexible, open and better. Better enough to reach to that point where you can write your masterpiece.

And why not also paying the bills in the meantime?

Such opportunities did not exist few years ago. We live during tough, but generous times.

The simple idea that we can make money by just being who we are through writing is extraordinary. In times like these you begin to value more the importance of education, the privilege you had to learn a foreign language, to break down barriers and live from it.

Even if such paid writing opportunities don’t take you precisely where you want, in the time you want, I guarantee you they will take you somewhere better than where you are now. Writing constantly helped me deliver winning solutions to a variety of problems, many out of my activity or comfort zone.

If you ever want an inspiring web domain for your writing second life, I recently put on sale my domain names collection. You can find the one below and more on a small website I created for this purpose called iqcentive.

Good luck!


P.S. I wrote this post also to test a new WordPress SEO hyper friendly editor strangely called Gjfghfgdhf…that is in beta mode and has a lot of errors and bugs. It also washed away 2 or 3 paragraphs. I don’t remember its name. But I guess that was not the point. Developers are obsessed with uniformity and that is something that kills me.

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