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When I started my career as an entrepreneur and later as a business and management consultant there wasn’t such a job title like business coach. There weren’t specialized people able to guide or teach you how to start and grow a business. It was only a wild market, an open arena where different fighters carried on their own games.

Nothing had really changed since those days. The arena only became much more wilder and the consultancy market is dominated by giant consulting firms that small business owners will never afford. What I can tell you about these intimidating companies is this: they are not better than you are. In the last 10 years, I solved a tone of problems and delivered dozens of solutions for these consulting giants inside open innovation platforms like Innocentive and Herox, and I can tell you that for sure.

I also (re)designed problems or challenges for them to attract brilliant solutions, one that I am proud of being „Power The Globe” for Booz Allen Hamilton and US Dept. of State having the main objective to electrify countries, the world having today over 1 billion people who have no access to energy. Problem solving and challenge design for worldwide organizations taught me that any individual can radically change the world and the course of his/her life.

I’ve never been „schooled” by such a specialist, but during 20 years of experience I became one. I expanded my knowledge, my mindset and skills, and I can bring my contribution to those who walk on this pathway to ease their struggles and to shorten their time to success. I turned myself into the type I always needed, someone I can trust when I speak my thoughts loud, who can show me where to look when I have too much on my plate and who can fuel me when I feel I can’t take it anymore.

As a decision maker or leader of your business, you are most often than not alone when it comes to making decisions, especially during crisis situations and times of change. Being a person before everything else, everything that happens in your business life directly affects you emotionally. You wear more hats and you have there plans of life to nurture: your business, your people and your life.

There were many times when I needed a ‘shadow’ , a ‘right hand’ to consult with, to talk to and to solve complex  business life problems, and because I never had such presence in my life and I needed to take the hard route, I decided to be that someone, in my own way, for the people of my tribe. A partner in crime in challenging times.

I’ve started from nothing like many necessity entrepreneurs, but daring and dreaming. Sometimes I failed, sometimes I rose above, sometimes I waited while doing everything that stood in my power to hold on, thing that helped me to develop a strong patience and steel nerves, to become more resilient. My knowledge is rooted in years of practice and execution. 

There are two types of people: action people and everybody else.

What a lifetime of action taught me is that at the core, every problem is a matter of operations. Every single thing has a flow, everything is a process, every thing has its own cyclicality, picks, flat zones and breaking points. It is how I managed to compete with worldwide better educated than me specialists and beat them at their own game in solving problems from industries I had never operated in. It is how I always managed to beat the odds and rise above competition in everything I did.

As you already know, an entrepreneur is married with his vision, with the work that needs to be done and with the things that need to be learned to fulfill that vision. It is a long term relationship where the core of your mission is to grow yourself as a leader, your wellness and your people. Today is a business, tomorrow there may be another. But having or leading a business is just one of the venues that life offers us to fulfill our full potential as humans and at a greater scale, as societies.

It is well and necessary to constantly educate yourself, as the intellectual horizon is needed for enlarging any perspective, our minds need continuous training. The business and economic schools will teach you the proper language, how to build and shape your thinking capabilities, how to clearly understand the principles and mechanisms of financial and economic world. The creative schools will teach you how to express the world and life, but also how to creatively solve problems and address challenges. But there isn’t any school able to give you, let’s say, a life guide or a road map in the business wild world. And here comes my part, as a business coach, to help you identify your own patterns for success and to design your own maps to better places.

I am practicing this role in more ways: through one-on-one coaching sessions (online/offline), through writing books and through my video courses, the first one being XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born, which is also a book. For the future I have more ways to go with it on my agenda.

My video course XCulture points out techniques of a lifetime practitioner as an entrepreneur, problem solver  and challenge designer who developed a rich knowledge and expertise in many fields and industries. It is designed as an applicable guide of realistic venues needed by any entrepreneur or decision maker to teach, inspire and to break through various business situations.

There are some entrepreneurs who consider that money are the most important thing, the capital invested in the first steps of the business. Others consider the competences gained during the business schools, courses or workshops are enough. Others take into consideration the opportunity arisen on the market. There are many different points of view. However, sometimes only the failure has shown the missing links. Each venue is good and has its own value, but success is built on the strong union and harmony of all elements, on your values, life vision and good timing.

You cannot rely on luck, but you can become smart enough to be lucky.

When you choose to put yourself on the challenging pathway of entrepreneurship, you have to irreversibly commit to expanding and improving all your skills, every day, taking all opportunities in order to understand both the details and the bigger picture.

According to practices, statistics and results in any business field, the entrepreneur’s mindset relies on: vision, strategy, leadership and creating a great company culture. The synergy between these plans can lead one anywhere he wants.

That’s what XCulture course is, a knowhow venue for crystallizing your vision and achieving your goals. It is a must have Bible on your desk.

Success is a fusion of science, action, intuition and art.

Success is a fusion of science and art. It is practical knowledge assembled on opportunity or applied to create an opportunity.

My 1.5 hour video course trains you to become a better architect and a resilient builder able to act with precision in a more and more complex world. It is an asset for any wannabe entrepreneur, small business owner and decision maker because it teaches you where to look to unlock your XFactor, to tap the potential of your uniqueness and to find the keys you need to build solid strategies.

I strongly encourage you to join XCulture movement which is nothing else but the culture of precise doers, of those committed to fulfill their potential and wellness. You can access it at a very reasonable price of $19.99 or less on Udemy by following this LINK. If you buy and review my video course, you will benefit of a free of charge online business coaching session of 30 minutes (a $100 value gift).

For any other questions and one-on-one business coaching sessions, feel free to use the form below.

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