Hello, Jesus!

The God complex is a pandemic that becomes more acute in the knowledge and information era. The more information we access and the more we democratize knowledge, the more we think we understand. Looking around, we understand shit.

Adding new things to the “box” will not make transformation happen in your life. That’s one of the biggest trap many smart people fall into. From such spot of self and life, even if we were to start wearing binoculars, we would not see transformation at the horizon. Transformation happens when you start realizing there is no box or there are infinite ways of experiencing one thing or another, ways that do not exclude each other. Each holds different costs, risks and benefits. 

This God complex condition is a self-sufficient state of being that creates the unfortunate premises for a smart and skilled person to turn into a sectarian thinker, an irritating person who always knows what’s best, how the world moves around and what God thinks, but mostly someone who insist you believe the same, in the same terms. It is an altering state of the mind that is living in a grey area, somewhere between sanity and madness, maybe also the reason God complex is not a clinical term or diagnosable disorder (yet).

In some extreme cases, these people get very upset and frustrated, if you don’t follow their advice or if you express your different views. Your different views and experiences make them see you as evil or mental ill, wrong from top to bottom (as your particular nuances invalidate their system of beliefs and make them doubt it and themselves, a thing that troubles these people a lot). They are the “Should” holders. They cannot be at peace and happy with you just integrating some of the things you find ok in their preachings, they stick around and push you to change as they say you should change. For your own good and salvation, of course. 

They perceive themselves special (in the sense of better than others, not in the sense of uniqueness). They may have experienced some signs from the Universe in difficult moments of their lives, or they may have witnessed positive changes in the lives of others who followed a particular pathway. So, they consider themselves privileged or special. They don’t interpret those signs as God’s mercy and love for all of us, or the changes they witnessed in others as transitory phases in those people evolution, they take it personally and they see those changes as final. In this precise point their pride gets corrupted, their judgement gets foggy and here is where they lose contact with common sense and sanity. They become prisoners of their own box and they start living life wrapped around themselves.

If these people „watched” Jesus in action, they would have realised Jesus never forced anyone to heal or change, not even the “sinners”, people who were obviously suffering from one thing or another. Jesus never pointed fingers. When such obvious sufferer came to Jesus, He always asked: What would you want me to do to you? Why did you come to me? Why do you think I can solve your problem?

Jesus was never an invasive guy and He was not a dogmatic thinker. If the parts chosen in the Bible are true, He healed people on holy days against all religious rules, he acknowledged the presence of other people with similar powers who were using different healing techniques in the name of God, He did not nominated the „black sheep” as being other people from other corners of the world who never heard of Him or of the God he conjured, and many other things considered (till today) heresies. The guy, holy or not, was open-minded and very smart. So smart that the world divided into before and after Him. No other wise man, leader or prophet managed to influence the world at such magnitude.

Jesus was very clear about His mission: I am not here to change the old law (a metaphor for human nature condition), but to fulfill it (a metaphor telling us: look, I can show you some techniques so you can be happy and well the way you are as humans).

No one could prove Jesus was the son of God, but at the same time no one could prove that He was not. No one could prove God exists, but at the same time no one could prove that God does not exist. Each of us experience faith in a uniquely particular way and there is no reason for our experiences to exclude each other. At their best, they can complement each other. This is great as we can choose our stand towards divinity. Still, every leader dreams to influence the world the way Jesus did. Every leader wants to change the world. What differentiate all leaders and people from Jesus is one clear thing: power never had power over Jesus, it never corrupted Him.

Jesus was not a nagging guy. He never harassed non-believers and never initiated hot debates and conflicts with people holding different beliefs than Him. He just moved on, minded His own business and when asked His opinion on one thing or another, He gave His best shot. Sometimes he was calmer, while sometimes he was irritated or just exhausted; we can see while watching His stories that He had different states of being, just like everyone else.

Now, if there is someone we want to follow to become smarter in better ways, Jesus is the best option available. Now, if you don’t empathise with those particular techniques, then follow Buddha or some other prophet or modern leader whose dialect you better understand and relate to. But whoever you choose to copy-pase yourself after, make sure you won’t end up suffering of God complex.

If you look at the lives of God complex sufferers, you won’t find much wellbeing or peace there. The fruits of their lives speak better than their words. 

For people who are not strong enough emotionally or mature, interactions with god complex sufferers is dislocating. You can find god complex sufferers at work (especially in toxic cultures) and in your private life (narcissists, psychopaths and other dangerous breeds that inflict pain, guilt and other toxic ingredients in their relationships and human interactions). Most of these people are in great pain (and face a major lack of awareness or knowledge about pain management). They need help, not validation through accepting their behaviours. Validation is not real support, friendship or help, it is just weakness or a sign that you are also suffering of God complex to some degree.


If you find yourself in this description or even find some traits in you, then Hello, Jesus!

If you feel damaged or affected by the interaction with a god complex sufferer, then hire the services of people who are specialized in dealing with human nature mechanism (i.e. therapy) and pray (if you are a believer), meditate (if you are on a different page) and keep reading and learning.

These are the things we have at hand today, but what’s most important is that this holistic approach is also hygienic and wise from the perspective of your relationships and human interactions, as you don’t give other people the wrong roles to play in your life.

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