It is your vision that must be rock solid, not your business plan.

Many business owners and startup entrepreneurs (especially if they are at their first ride on the roller coaster) delay execution by putting too much emphasis on their business plan. I also call it operational plan, because it is all about processes at its core. When something does not go according to that plan (and most of the times, it doesn’t), many go downhill. More than 80% fail in their first year and less than 50% reach their third year.

The thing is we should give the action plan its importance, because the operational plan is the instruction manual on how to implement our strategy, and our strategy is our Bible on how to fulfill our vision.

Now, it is the vision that has to be clear. If it’s clear, it will survive to all changes and crisis.

The business plan must have a rock solid core, but it also has to have flexible dimensions, because we live in a hyper competitive and fast changing world. We need to adapt very fast, we need to be highly resilient, we need to integrate our businesses in the greater plans, at all times.

But this ‘we’, at the core, are not our businesses, it is us, leaders of smaller or bigger businesses. People. It all starts and ends with us. Especially in the world of DIY and small business owners.

  • If my identity isn’t strong, how can my business’s identity be strong? (branding)
    If my life vision isn’t clear, how can my business’s vision be clear? (leadership culture)
    If my life strategy isn’t well defined, then how I’ll be able to well-define my business’s strategy and to align to it? (strategy)

Any misalignments and conflicting action plans between our personal and business visions will tear us apart, like a car losing control on a high speed highway.

It may sound like soft stuff, but we learn it the hard way.

In today’s world, as small business owners, most of us being necessity driven entrepreneurs, we need all the HELP we can get to make sure we do smart enough plans to fulfill our vision, no matter how the world changes. Starting with the one we can offer each other.

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