My CV funny cover design inspired from my fieldwork as a fixer during the production of Hunting Vampires episodes in Romania and Bulgaria for the Expedition Unknown adventure tv show on Travel Channel

I found a job opening on #Netflix at their headquarters in Netherlands for an executive production management role (#productionservices), something for the tough folks and adrenaline junkies, so I told myself to apply and see what happens, as it’s the job I usually do in the tv and film projects and I am also exploring the scenario of a good contract in the industry, if I find the right home for my skills and culture.

The thing is that I am on this sunny island for a while and I am too relaxed to take it so seriously, spending more time now with improving my photography, videography, animation and design skills for the purpose of developing some personal projects I have on my dreams list and diversifying my marketing services.

So, I decided to have some fun and scare a bit the HR department with my CV by designing a funny cover in Canva. The original cover photo had been made by the director of ‘Expedition Unknown’, an adventure and traveling reality show on Travel Channel, during the shooting in Romania and Bulgaria of the „Hunting Vampires’ episodes. That’s me behind that processed guy :)

Having a Spanish IP at the moment and a Romanian IP in about a month, I don’t expect my CV to break through the hiring software algorithms. However, I would like to see the face of the HR the day when s/he cleans up his/her email and opens it by mistake.

P.S. You can see this version of CV by clicking this link cv with funny cover-georgia mihalcea-production management-tv-film-industry

My CV cover for tv and film industry

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