Team Presentation

I am the other half of a creative and highly operational team focused on bringing new and interesting things into the world, but also on growing and developing like-minded people affairs – freelancers, decision makers, influencers and entrepreneurs who are looking to find the most precise and best ways for their start-up and further evolution. We also have a talent for solving complex problems and crisis situations in creative ways.

The other half is my sister, Cristina Mihalcea. We work together for over 10 years and we managed together complex projects over the years. We also answered successfully to challenging demands when it came to visuals, online platforms and website concept architecture and developing. We rock on operations, decision making and executive management and we have loads of stories to tell about our adventures through life and business, a thing we already started to do by film script-writing.

We are committed to follow our inner flow in the creative, business and consulting zone and to keep on learning. 

 In order to keep ourselves at our best we constantly take part in the open innovation highly competitive contests on platforms like Innocentive, Eyeka, SloganSlingers, HeroX, and other relevant crowdsourcing platforms in the market. We’ve been doing that since 2010, we have a growing winning and diverse portfolio of solutions and creative proposals for various global brands, and we also put together one of a kind project about the open innovation realm called We Are Solvers – a video web series with and about the award-winning problem solvers and a project we put together from top to bottom with an almost zero budget by just using our skills and passions.

When challenged with more complex and demanding problems, we recruit or engage more solvers and top notch professionals from our global network in the game. Otherwise, we usually cover the work of an impressive team. We are not ‘normal’ people, we never were.


We don’t believe in the legend of massive advertising, we bet on precision and research in everything we do.

Some of the things we can do for you:

  • Real Estate & Property Copywrite and Marketing
  • Creative Strategies
  • Content writing (Favourite topics: entrepreneurship, business, real estate in Tenerife, real estate in Romania, marketing, executive management, leadership, film locations, humanizing technology, digital marketing, human nature, personal development, coaching)
  • Management, Strategy and Business Consulting
  • Innovation Management
  • Business Presentations
  • Business Research
  • Tehnology (concept design, UX design concept for scalable platforms and applications)
  • Challenge design (for crowdsourcing challenges, new products and services, various competitions, etc)

Being part of the multi-cultural global network of crowdsourcing award winning problem solvers and tapping into so much knowledge, solutions and problems over time, we initiated also a natural advisory service “Opinions on challenging matters” – business tool offered by open innovation champions. The service is meant to give real business and leadership support and to broaden horizons, to offer you unique and diverse insights and solutions to your and/or your organization’s problems, dilemmas and challenges.