Applied creativity. Making applicable differences.

Strategy, operations, problem solving and content productions.




I. Healthcare Industry

1) Models for sourcing regional databases for patients suffering of diabetes. * Awarded

2) European Business Model for Customer – Driven Regulated Markets.

3) Healthcare Information Economy – Healthcare systems in the next 10 to 30 years

4) Collaborative Activist Network for Better Healthcare

5) Medical Device Market Access Models for India

6) Increasing people’s ability to start and stay on tasks

7) Predicting the Future of Healthcare: Science Fiction Stories

8) Improving Patient Compliance in Acne Trials

9) Recovering a Lost Opportunity: What Can People Do During the Time of a Medical Treatment?

10) Novel Treatment Approaches to Acne

11) The SUDEP Institute Challenge: Empowering People with Epilepsy

12) Identifying Best-in-Class Support Services for Patients with Diabetes

13) One Thing For Hope: methods to train hope and rise above depression – Awarded

14) Improving Patient Compliance in Acne Trials

15) Recovering a Lost Opportunity: What Can People Do During the Time of a Medical Treatment?

II. Technologies: scalable platforms, applications, software design concept

13) Communication Platform to Connect Vulnerable Communities with Climate Change Solutions

14) The Economist – InnoCentive Entrepreneurship Challenge: Disruptive Innovations

15) Systems to Monitor Institutional Corruption

16) Mechanisms to motivate government transparency

17) Humanizing Customer Digital Experience * Awarded

18) Mechanisms to Enhance Solver Collaboration & Teamwork

19) Novel Strategies for Increasing TV Everywhere Use (an online multi-viewing TV platform)

20) Crisis Management Software/Scalable infrastructure (global solving problem platform)

21) Stimson Center and NSquare challenge: Innovative Approaches to Proliferation Prevention: An Industry-Government Information Sharing Platform * Awarded

22) Alternative Court of Law as the next smart mediation business tool

23) LG Electronics Challenge: Increasing Brand Preference in the Smartphone Market

24) Crédit du Maroc: future bank branch 100% human-100% digital

25) Viridis Learning Challenge: New Approaches to Improve Employment Outcomes from Career and Technical Education

26) N Square Challenge: Increasing Civil Society’s Influence on Nuclear Weapons Policy

27) Building Empathy Challenge through virtual reality and cutting-edge immersive technologies

III. Common Good

23) Social Business Tour 2010 – innovative social business modeling. * Awarded

24) Turning a confiscated villa into a financially sustainable Social Business entity

25) Making an abandoned Roman bath accessible and sustainable

26) Drive to End hunger – Elimination of Food Deserts

27) Drive to End hunger – Sustainable Solutions

IV. Entertainment/Events/Media

28) The Next Great Science Exhibition (for Boston Museum)

29) TV Reality Shows – tools for business & politics

30) Crisis & Problem solving TV/Web reality show

V. Coaching & Creative Storytelling

31) Patterns for Success * Awarded for Culture success category

32) Crowdsourcing content * Award-Winning Article „The nomads of the new world: problem solvers” (remastered version: „The Crowd Goes Wild: Brave New Innovators of the Digital Age”)

33) Unleash Your Superhero – Your Path to the Prize * Award-Winning Story „Hey, you’re a dreamer?”


2017-present:​ „Piper Animation Show” – a life coaching creative videocast which integrates film and animation techniques, creative writing and modern technologies to help people experience storytelling in inspiring and mind opening ways. Piper has the purpose to humanize technology, but to also help people reconnect to their inner parts disrupted by technology. Central theme: resilience.

2017-2018: ,,Ma insoara mama” / „Marry My Son”  – a prime time reality show produced by Paprika Studios for ProTv. Role: executive producer / head of production and operations

2017: „Louisa and Rosanna” – reality show produced by Discovery Communications and Strix Television for the TLC Netherlands, production in Romania. Role: local producer/fixer

2016: „We Are Solvers” – a web video interviews serial with worldwide award winning innovators and problem solvers who play the game of change in open innovation and crowdsourcing markets. Role: general producer

2015: „Expedition Unknown” by Travel Channel, USA (season 2, one episode production Romania-Bulgaria). Role: local producer/fixer

2015: „Touch Me Not” – feature film (co-production Romania-Germany-France) by 4ProofFilm and Manekino Film. Role: locations manager

​2012: „Charlie Countryman” – feature film with Mads Mikkelsen, Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood, Rupert Grint, Melisa Leo, Vincent D’Onofrio (Voltage Studio, USA, production in Romania). Role: locations manager

2011: „Destination Truth” by SyFy, USA (season 5, two episodes production in Romania). Role: local producer/fixer


2017Rise Above The Crowd

2018 XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born

2018 – Camino del Sol

2018 – Pe dinafara


(problem design for global innovation competitions through crowdsourcing and open innovation venues. Competition designer.)

  1. Power The Globe – Study Case Myanmar
  2. XPrize Visioneering Competition Design 2018


  1. Video | Patterns for Success. XCulture: How Superheroes Are Born.