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With intelconnector domain name, you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life and business you dream about.
Keywords for intelconnector domain:
• connecting intelligence
• reward intelligence
• making intelligence matter
• connecting smart information in useful ways
Potential applicabilities for intelconnector domain:
• connecting innovations 
• clinical trials
• research platforms on IQ and human behaviour
• smart games and tests
• smart shopping
• AI platform
  • connecting existing problems with existing solutions
  • due diligence international service (i.e business verifications) 

Pluses for intelconnector domain:

  • it is a stand alone brand 
  • it has the .com extension
  • one-word web domain name: it is short and easy to pronounce 
  • it is specific in a broad way (generous)
  • has the sound of a unicorn
In present domain is hosted on WordPress and has a website on it that shares money-making opportunities and venues for DIY, freelancers, problem solvers and small business owners.
Its selling price starts from $2,500. 
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