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“No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” Bill Joy

When a good idea comes to me, I usually act on it by securing it through a web domain. Not to sale the domain, but to have a first dot to connect with the next ones in case I want to pursue it. From time to time I hit the name of a unicorn. From time to time I also sell my web domains.

The web domain is a unicorn for the right team of champions. It came to me a few years after I began my life as a creative problem solver in open innovation marketplace, experience that began with the pioneering crowdsourcing platform and continued with its followers.

Unfortunately for the world of crowdsourcing and open innovation players, they lack vision. They saw an opportunity in the crisis of 2008 and took it: to provide big brands free or underpaid great solutions to their problems and challenges. Their message is always altruistic on the interface, but ten years later it proved to be misleading in more occasions than not. On this pathway, pioneering platforms like Innocentive lost their place and a lot of second-hand platforms crowded the market.

However, the worlds needs open innovation and crowdsourcing more than ever. Still, to make it reach its potential, it needs a vision and a completely different way to approach this opportunity. It needs true leaders. use cases | rewarding intelligence properly can be:

  • the next best thing in crowdsourcing/crowdfunding and open innovation;
  • the first real thing in social innovation and social entrepreneurship;
  • a meritocratic problem solving system focused on solving past and present real problems at high speeds;
  • a “teaching AI” platform or application;
  • a governmental dedicated platform to solve social and economic problems;
  • a virtual reality or mixed reality world where intelligent people meet to solve problems and create new and better surviving social and economic systems
  • a circular system, i.e. educational or business related

…any type of online platform that rewards and boosts intelligence and creativity.

There may be more and better uses for, but these were my case uses when I bought this web domain.

Why? Because I don’t like to live in a world where I cannot see a clear horizon and where talented people with good ideas and potential cannot have access to funding and they are undervalued. It is the reason I stepped in the open innovation realm, to influence the design of the future, of the world, and eventually of my world.

My 10 years experience in crowdsourcing and open innovation flanks involved me both as a problem solver (design thinker) and challenge designer (problem designer). I have conquered the system 7 times out of 50 competitions where I delivered solutions as a generalist and that is not easy to do. It’s not easy to beat specialists at their own game, fancy consultants in big consulting firms and to rise above hundreds and thousands of worldwide top performers who are more educated than you, like PhD, MBA and other „royally educated” professionals.

This experience taught me about the real value of intelligence and showed me the acute need of intelligence among big brands and governments to survive further, in the era of exponential technologies. 

The problem with crowdsourcing is that it had been turned into a wrong concept. Big brands spend a lot of money on marketing to make it become the next venue of work. It is a poor leadership attempt to lower more the payment for work and creative problem solving. Imagine that! Thousands of talents to compete against each other with their creativity and ideas in order to cash a prize and see the light of tomorrow.

This is not a world I would like to live in. And this is not the true potential that lies at the heart of crowdsourcing and open innovation. It is not its core purpose.

The core purpose of crowdsourcing and open innovation is to solve problems that affect us all, ideally in real time, following a crisis management mindset and make it entertaining by engaging live streaming venues, to make it a „live” process. It should be put to work to serve real social, economic and environmental challenges, not to serve isolated interests.

For these reasons, anyone who has the support and resources to design a genuine better system will reap the awards, on the background of more and more people getting access to the internet and on existing technologies. Crowdsourcing is a market of billions.

At the core of it is more than just a vision, it is a vision about true leaders stepping in to turn things around. You may call me an idealist and you won’t be wrong. I am. But I am also pragmatic and I know there is potential here.

For the purpose of seeing a new great thing in the world, I put on sale web domain.

I am also motivated and ready to offer my services for the buyer who plans to open a business in the crowdsourcing and open innovation markets or who needs my business advice in the process.

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